Welcome to big boy press...

...where there is a very ambitious plan to have fun and learn about the intersection between the craft and artistry of letterpress. This site will be changing over time so be sure to visit often.

    I print in Lawrence, Kansas, on a 10" x 15" Chandler & Price platen press and a Vandercook Universal I, both rescued from a barn outside of Lawrence, Kansas. Used by a high school printing teacher, Gene Lassman, the presses were missing some parts (which took about a year to find), but they now hum along beautifully. Thanks to the Lassman family for making all this possible. The most recent hardware acquisitions are a Model M Ludlow which has been gently repaired and restored with visits from Dave Seat and his magic made it whole. I got this Ludlow in Oklahoma and all the mats (poorly packed) spilled into the bed of the truck on the first turn of the truck. Yikes - 15,000 had to be sorted. The force was with me. Also, we have a Hammond Trim saw from a shop in Iowa - and now I can trim slugs to 1/144 inch. Wow.

    Most of my early experience was using a Kelsey 5" x 8" tabletop, a terrific little tool for learning the basics with some great help from Tim O'Brien and Patrick Vincent from the Lawrence Arts Center and the folks from the Briar Press community.

    Recent work includes very cool broasides (such as "Kale Kills" and "Leter from George") as well as the required periodic printing for the Amalgamated Printers Association, a group of 150 letterpress printers who share their work with one another on a monthly basis. Total fun. You can see some of those images of my work right here