About Me

First off - I'm not the Hero, coldFusion is! 

I would love to use a big title to make me sound important, but at heart I am a coldFusion developer working at Pennsylvania State Univeristy (PSU).

I try to implement enterprise solutions within coldfusion by using MVC techniques. ColdBox is my newest friend in the CF world, because it makes life a whole lot easier by providing ways I've tried to code in older CF languages. Like environment friendly (what to do in prod vs dev), seperation of logic, etc.

I'm also monkey around with server configuration (IIS, Apache, CF, SVN, SQL Server, etc). And with the infrastructure responsibility, I've also been digging into how our products can be better managed including but not limited too: CI (continuous intergration), deployment processes, etc

I'm a huge fan of the new mobile movement happening, and lately have become a huge fan of ANDROID. Even though it is more of preference for most mobile devices, I'm looking forward too Google-TV, ANDROID-PADs, and Flash on the MotoDroid.