Santa Chex Mix

Santa Chex Mix

Santa Chex Mix, Frankenstein chex mix, cheddar chex mix, chocolate chex mix, spicy chex mix, fruity chex mix......... you name is and I love it... if it i chex mix.

My mother always made it for the holidays. It was my grandmothers favorite.

This year for the cookie party I made Santa Chex Mix for of my goodies :)

(Check out my Frankenstein Chex Mix from Halloween)

I found so many pictures on google that I fell in love with it.

What you Need:


Bugles (you need however many bugles as you want Santa Hats)
Red Chocolate Melting Chips (Hobby Lobby is where I got mine)
Mini Marshmallows
White Sprinkles (I used White Non-Pareils)

(really anything you want but I used):

Chocolate Cheerios
Christmas M&Ms
Rice Chex
Mint and Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chips
EXTRA Mini Peanut Butter Cups

What to do:


Melt your red chocolate melting chips in a double boiler or in a microwave on 30 second intervals until melted

Dip your bugles into melted chocolate until coasted and lay on wax paper. 

Once all your bugles are coated and cooled its time to start adding the "White" to the hat.

Dip the pointed end into the melted red chocolate and push a mini marshmallow onto the tip. Let dry a few seconds.

Dip wide round end of bugle into red chocolate and then into your white sprinkles.

Let each each cool on the wax paper.

All Done :)

Now mix all your chex mix ingredients together and your done! 

Santa Chex Mix just in time for the holidays