Mexican Cheesy Corn

Mexican Cheesy Corn

 Makes 4 servings (easily double, triples or converts to singles!)

4 ears of corn
Mayonnaise (enough to spread over each corn on the cob)

Cotija Powder Cheese (I got mine at walmart)


What to do:

Boil your corn on the cob, or grill it. However you'd like to cook your corn.

If boiling (like I did), pull off and discard the husk and silk from each ear of corn.

 Boil Corn for about 12 minutes in a large pot of water. When done, you will be able to pierce the kernels easily with a fork.

Once cooked, (if boiled, make sure to wipe all water from corn)..

spread about 1/2 of a tablespoon of mayonnaise over the corn on the cob. I do a light layer, but you could do more if you really really wanted to.

Once corn is covered in a spread of mayonnaise, sprinkle the Cotija Powder Cheese over the corn, rolling it and pressing it down some until the entire corn is covered in Cotija Powder Cheese .