Halloween Petit Fours

Will Make 12 Little Petit Four Cakes

What you need:

Oreo Cakesters (My box came in 12 count)

Marshmallow Fondant (or pre-made)

Rolling Pin (I bought a fondant rolling pin at Hobby Lobby)

Powdered Sugar for dusting.

Food Coloring (optional)

What to do:

Unwrap the Oreo Cakesters.

Start kneading your fondant to make it workable. (You might want to have a little extra powdered sugar nearby in-case it starts to get sticky from the heat of your hands.

If you want to color your fondant, you'll want to do that now. I made Orange, Green, and Black for mine.

I used Americolor Soft Gel Paste Food Color. I like the gel food coloring better.

To color the fondant, pull off a chuck of fondant and roll it flat. Drop a few drops of food coloring into the center of the fondant and knead the coloring onto the fondant. (You may want to wear gloves for this if you don't want your hands to be stained with the coloring).

Once the fondant is colored, you can start to cover and decorate your OREO cakesters.

I covered my cakesters by using about a golf ball sized ball of fondant to cover each one.

Rolling my fondant out into somewhat of a circle with my fondant rolling pin. I then draped the fondant over the cakester and smoothed it down with my fingers. Smooth it all the way down so that the fondant is flush with the cake.

For the bottoms, I used a pizza cutter to cut away the excess fondant.

Carefully flip the fondant covered cakester over and smooth the edges onto the bottom, so that the whole cake is covered.

Now they are ready to decorate :) You can also use the fondant to make fondant decorations.

This was a lot easier than I thought it was going to be, it's just like playing with playdough!

(I used a little corn syrup mixed with water and a food safe paintbrush to stick my fondant decorations onto the cakes)

Or you could use edible markers to decorate them.