Cupcake Bouquet

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Cupcake Bouquet

by Angie Barrett May-12-2012

A "Flower" Bouquet made from Mini Cupcakes.


  • flower vase
  • styrofoam ball
  • toothpicks
  • mini cupcakes
  • icing for cupcakes (I used canned frosting
  • plastic cups (2oz)
  • piping bag
  • 2D Piping tip
  • clear tape
  • green tissue paper


Wrap styrofoam ball in green tissue paper. Set styrofoam ball down into flower vase. You may need to trim the styrofoam ball to fit into the flower vase, depending on the size of the vase. 
Carefully poke toothpicks through the bottoms of the 2 oz plastic cups. Push the toothpicks/cups into the styrofoam ball. Space them out to cover the styrofoam ball. 
Place plain/un-frosted cupcakes into the plastic cups that at secured with toothpicks. Toothpick should go through the inside of the cupcake. 
Fill a piping bag fitted with a star type tip and starting at the center of the plain cupcake, pipe icing in a swirl to form a "rose" look. 
Cut some of the green tissue paper into strips. Fold a few times and place the green paper strips in-between the plastic cups and tape them to the green tissue base. *this will make the leaves*  ***for these I did use store bought cake mix and frosting*** I used Orange Supreme Cake Mix and Chocolate and Vanilla Frosting (tinted orange)


Yield: 1 Cupcake Bouquet