Corn and Rice Tacos

Corn and Rice Tacos

by Angie Barrett June-07-2010


  • 1 lb. Ground Beef
  • 1 Taco Seasoning Packet
  • 1 can Sweet Corn
  • 1 box Yellow Rice (we use Goya)
  • 1 or 1/2 cup Shredded Cheese 
  • 12 Taco Shells


Brown the beef in a skillet and drain grease.

To the brown beef in the skillet, add taco seasoning and sweet corn.

Stir until well combined. Let Simmer for about 5 minutes.

Prepare Rice according to package. Once rice is cooked add it to the beef and corn mixture.

Sprinkle with about 1/2 cup of shredded cheese and mix well.

Let simmer until cheese melts. Spoon into taco shells


Serves 12