Christmas Appetizer and White Cheddar Reindeer

Includes: White Cheddar Reindeer, Ham Rolls, and Festive Holiday Cheese Cutouts

For The White Cheddar Reindeer:

What you need:

Small Cheese Triangles 

(I used the white cheddar triangles from Weight Watchers, in the section with the Babybel Cheese)

Mini Pretzels

Red Hots (or any small round red candy)

Chocolate Icing or round chocolate Sprinkles

What to do:

Carefully unwrap each cheese triangle.

Break the mini pretzels in half to create the antlers.

Press 1/2 of the pretzel into the top right of the cheese triangle and the other pretzel 1/2 into the top left of the cheese triangle.

Add the red hot (or any small round red candy) to the tip of the triangle for the nose.

Use chocolate icing for eyes.

Refrigerate until ready to serve. 

For the Festive Holiday Cheese Cut outs:

What you need:

Cheese slices

Holiday Cookie Cutters

What to do:

Place cheese slices on to a cutting board in a single layer and press holiday cookie cutter down onto cheese. Remove excess.

I used provolone cheese. 

I know... that's easy, but It's really just the idea :)