"Melting" Snowmen

What you need:

Doughnut Holes (Snowman heads)
White Chocolate Chips (melted)
Fruit Roll Ups (For the scarf)
Mini Chocolate Chips for buttons
Orange Mike and Ikes (cut in half for noses)
Pretzels (I was lucky and found a bag of Halloween pretzels and used the "bat wings" as the snowman arms, but you can use pretzel sticks )

What you need to do:

Pour your chocolate chips into a glass bowl and microwave in intervals of 30 seconds, stirring in between times. Until Melted.
Using a Spoon, Pour a spoonful of white chocolate onto wax paper in a "puddle" shape.
Coat a doughnut hole with white chocolate and plop it into the puddle.
Wrap a strand of fruit roll up around the "neck" for the "scarf".
Place 2 mini chocolate chips for eyes and 3 for the buttons.
Use a mike and ike for the nose.
Add Pretzel arms.
Let them harden on the wax paper for about 30 minutes UNLESS your house is freezing like mine is and then it should only take a few minutes haha.

You have a "melting" snowmen. :)