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USER remarks

Kindle Dictaphone [activate the built-in mic at the bottom of the Kindle3]

If you want to turn you Kindle into a dictaphone, just unzip and copy this file to your launchpad folder.
A S command (= Shift,A,S sequence) then starts a new recording, A E (= Shift,A,E) command Ends it.
The recordings are stored in [USER STORE]/records by default, you can change it by editing RECDIR variable in the INI file.
E.g. changing to "music" will give you an option to play the records with MPlayer.
Generated filenames contain date, time and .wav extension: 2011-02-28_09-32-06.wav
10 ways to use your Kindle (3),
new (free) books at Amazon at this free book page. | top Kindle tools, sites and more | googlebooks & ePub files on kindle
The ongoing Free-Books page with most of the below, in detail, with prepared searches.

1.  Amazon's 20,000+ free books
2.  Amazon's currently free Non-Classics - Newest first
3.  Amazon's free Classics - Choose sorting method.
4.  Big Deals on Kindle
5.  Project Gutenberg e-books (MOBI ed) catalog for Kindles; cf. MobileRead's Mobipocket Guide (updated daily). See also MobileRead Forum books, another non-Amazon e-book source.
6.  Coming: British Library's 65,000 free orig'l editions for Kindle
7.  Amazon's Free Book Collections page
8.  A long Amazon Forum thread on a million or so books readable on the Kindle - How to get them (mostly free)
9. Free Kindle Books page (from A.Basten at
10. The 2 million+ free books at Internet Archive, downloadable directly to the Kindle also, explained at the Internet Archive article.


FREE ebooks and reviews of ebook readers,

Websites with faster mobile access | Tips on using the web browser | Google directions | web-bookmarks for the Kindle

Q&A: My Clippings fileUsing 'tags' to simulate folders | Creative uses of the Kindle | InstaPaper: send web articles to Kindle |
Gmail on Kindle - It is perfectly possible to access your Gmail account using Amazon Kindle browser. All you need to do is visit the mobile version at rather than full version.

If you’ve made notes or highlights in your Kindle books, you can now see them online at
At the moment the service if quite limited. You can see your notes and highlights but can’t edit or share or even email them as I’ve hoped but this is definitely step in the right direction and I hope more will follow…
RESET - I’ve got several emails from users asking how to hard reset Kindle. For some reason Googling for it does little good. So I might just as well do a post on this topic for those who are too lazy to read the manual or don’t have it handy (possibly because their Kindle that has it in a form or e-book froze).
Kindle 2 reset: This is easy – just hold the power button (next to the headphone jack) for 15 seconds and the device will reboot.
Kindle DX reset: Same as Kindle 2 – hold the power button (next to the headphone jack) for 15 seconds and the device will restart.
Re-reading a book and you want to reset the "go to Furthest Point Read"?
  1. Log into your account, then go to Your Account > Manage Your Kindle > Manage Kindle Device Synchronization, and click the “Turn Synchronization Off” button. 
  2. On your Kindle, exit the book and go to the Kindle HOME screen.
  3. Now Re-open your book, and use the MENU button for select Go to Beginning (but just in case the reset fails, do note your current location on a piece of paper).
  4. Use the option with MENU button to Sync to the Furthest Position.  If you get a message that you’re already there, you’re in good shape. If it did not work for you, then exit and re-open the book and sync again.
  5. Return to Amazon online, login and go back in your account settings (above) for Turn synchronization back on.

Easter Eggs that still work in Kindle 2:
Minesweeper can be started by pressing Alt-Shift-M in the home screen.

Symbol shortcuts.
----When entering text following shortcuts work:
Alt-6 – ? (question mark)
Alt-7 – , (comma)
Alt-8 – : (colon)
Alt-9 – ” (double quotes)
Alt-0 – ‘ (apostrophe)
Search commands. Typing @help in the search string will display other supported search commands like @dict, @url etc.
Hidden settings. While in settings type one of the following:
411 – shows diagnostic data
611 – shows current radio diagnostics data and keeps refreshing it
Sadly, all location based Google maps services in the browser seem to be disabled. See update on From-To (text) directions on Kindle

[dx] deleting a book from your Kindle DX, here's how you do it (the quick reference guide doesn't cover it). Hit the "home" button, then using the toggle stick move to the book you want to delete and move the toggle stick to the left. A "delete" dialogue will open. Deleting a book from your Kindle DX does not delete it from your Amazon account.
=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= personal experiences
annotations:  You can type in notes, bookmarks...  and edit the one you are looking at, PDF documents are translated, so you will be able to add notes to those as well.
   If you email it to your kindle there is a nominal charge - usually 15 cents.  I have paid 45 cents but it was a larger file.  There are ways to do it free....  I do it both ways.
   Kindle DX - takes PDFs directly without changing them to a different readable format.  But then you can't make notations on it (just like you can't on your computer without more than reader software).  I haven't had experience with the DX, this is one of the main complaints that you can't make notes on it.  My guess is that a word document would be translated just as it is with the Kindle 2 and you will be able to make notes since it is word based.
I use my computer to channel and read online articles.  I use Google Reader to aggregate my RSS feeds.  Occasionally I will read on my iPhone, but this is not ideal, as I often will discover links to other articles, want to make notes, send an email, add books to my Goodreads lists, etc. and that is very cumbersome on a non-multitasking device with no keyboard.  I have no problem reading for long periods of time (many hours) on a laptop screen, and it is portable and convenient.
     I use Readability to help reduce screen clutter and make it easier to save or share ad-free PDF copies of an online article.  I also use Instapaper to save articles to read later anywhere I happen to be (iPhone, someone else's computer, etc.).
    new reading habits - often scan books that have things that I need to take with me. I will scan them and do an OCR reading into a Word Doc. Clean it up and then email it or upload it to my Kindle a lot more than I use to, I have been able to read all the ...classics. ...tend to download a lot of Amazon books and read them before getting another one. Some days - Read books more. Other days, I use it for knitting patterns.
     I did read blog subscriptions for a while [use Calibre and download a bunch of great newspapers (FREE) in the morning for the day, ] but I found that I just didn't have the time to get to them later.

Software update June 2010

As reported on,
Pan, Zoom -- On the zoom-level line choose "Actual size."  This normally assumes Letter Size, to the result is a larger font (with panning to the sides).
How-to zoom in: 1. Move cursor onto the picture using 5-way (magnifying glass appears). Press 5-way to zoom; press again to return.
In case of ghosting or thinned out fonts (less black, e-Ink applied): Alt+G to refresh e-ink (2 to 3x is OK).
Save power: turn off wireless except to download or Sync/Check for Items (Amazon notes your page location, bookmarks, annotations; deliver newspapers, blogs &c).
Periodicals - sort Home page listing by "Most Recent First," then the "Periodicals" folder (a pre-set 'Collection’) is on last page, along with  "Archived Items" Ama-books you own not loaded. Example, if you have 8 pages, type '8' and it replies 'click’ (5-way) to go to page 8, where you find Periodicals and Archived Items.
Sorting by Title (alpha): type ONLY the first character and kindle replies 'click' to go to P titles to jump to "Periodicals" pre-set folder.
Personal Documents-pre-set category:  The Kindle owner now assigns each item. Remember that any book or doc can "belong to" many Collections.
Wrinkles and Features-most current subscription material received goes to Home listing, even when sorting by Collections sort, with the older issue bumped into 'Periodical' pre-set Collection
=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= If only Kindle features and functions could:
  1. bluetooth for communicating with LCD projector, printer, another b/t device (computer, smartphone/pda)
  2. help and work-arounds in aid of "kindle for scholarly uses" (ways to apply kindle to the workflow of read, annotate, write)
  3. voice to text (the inverse of the supplied text to voice) in order to rapidly compose thoughts thus making kindle a veritable notebook of input AND output
  4. grab text content from Wikipedia/Web sources and stick in the MyClippings area for later re-purposing.
  5. photo handler with for a painless way to batch download or send favorites to my kindle
=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= Helper software to extend the uses for Kindle aggregate online content for putting onto portable device strips PDF text & images into shape for ms-Word multi-format conversions (e-library manager for Web news/magazines and ebooks)
mobipocket creator (free or paid versions to make clean conversion from PDF to kindle text) to streamline a website clutter and focus on the text-body alone; either to read onscreen, copy to a file for USB transfer or Wireless deliver to kindle. Extensions to the Chrome, Safari, IE 8.0 and above or Firefox Internet browsers allow one-button sending of selected text to the kindle, too.
=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= languages other than English
The Kindle Store offers primarily English-language books (and U.S. and intl newspaper and magazine-priced in $U.S.).  You can view other Western Language books on your Kindle. The Text-to-Speech feature reads your book, blog/magazine/newspaper out loud in English. So it will try to read non-English words in English. We carry a limited number of non-English titles in the Kindle store and work on expanding our selection daily.  The ebooks and basic browser display and rotate perfectly [in all languages, including Japanese & Korean??]. The PDF documents show the original formatting. Rotate it to magnify the document (landscape orientation).

[currently supported character sets] Kindle can display non-English content that uses the ISO 8859-1 character set (based on the Latin languages). Characters from this set not currently supported are spades, clubs, hearts; up-arrow, down-arrow, alpha, beta, and gamma. Kindle also supports Greek characters and monospace fonts.
[Japanese website to change from PDF horizontal to vertical]:
...a Korean PDF on my Kndle and it works ...PDF files are "frozen" (not like a regular Kindle file.) So you can't change the size, but you can rotate between portrait & landscape orientation... My advice is to wait until you can get a Kindle with a Korean (or Korean-English dictionary). When you scroll over words they will appear at the bottom of the page of text (not for PDF pages, though). That would be a godsend for a second-language learner who is reading Korean.
=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= related to books, stories, thinking through texts
listen to non-copyrighted books from
TeleRead website - News & views on e-books, libraries, publishing and related topics
=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= some questions on ways to use and work with the device
1. On wikipedia can you capture text the same as AZW content: clipping, highlight, Facebook? Or is ScreenCapture the only method?
----->>  It seems that ScreenCapture (*.GIF) is the only way.
2. Full functionality is probably limited to *.PRC and *.AZW: Or can one also use the highlight, clip, comment, Facebook functions for PDF and TXT, as well?
----->> Highlighting, clipping, notes, can be done on any personal doc, but it won't show up on your Amazon annotations page since they're not for an Amazon purchase. Facebook functions are only for Amazon purchased or received material.
3. Image handling: loading my JPGs will only display in grayscale, but does the sourcefile remain full-color?
----->> The one copied to the Kindle should retain its original properties, but the kindle screen is only capable of showing grayscale.
When doing a webpage ScreenShot the data being captured is from the e-Ink downloaded information (grayscale), stored as GIF.

4. Attaching kindle via USB to an LCD projector to display and navigate around one's files/folders? Of course kindle+PC can go onto an LCD projector to navigate the kindle-drive displayed on the Big Screen, but there is no direct kindle-to-LCD output, right?
----->> Right. The micro USB connector is not for printer output nor for any other output.

5. For printers: there's no way to print the MyClippings.txt by using the USB connection to a printer is there?
----->> The Kindle has no printer support. Transfer the MyClippings file to computers to edit and print. For Amazon-delivered books you also have the personal, password-protected web page (online backup) of all your annotations.

audio on kindle

While you can't subscribe to podcasts directly on the Kindle yet, both these ways allow podcast playback. See also: giant list of Kindle compatible Audiobooks.
For playback of mp3 files, kindle has two players: drop the file(s) into the kindle:> music folder for basic playback controls (each time you return the track starts over). Or drop the file(s) into the kindle:> audible folder for better playback controls (each time you return the track resumes from the point you paused or exited)