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--cf. cjsoutr office PC tape-ups
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Trends in Web design today --
Web programmer and engineering student Christian Montoya wrote a summary of the design trends he saw in CSS Reboot 2006, a collection of newly redesigned Web sites from a large number of different sources.
<1> Sites are now intended for a width of 1024 pixels. We used to design for a width of 800, but more people today have higher resolution monitors. Few of these are flexible layouts. (My favorite recent example of a flexible layout has a third column that gracefully drops down to the bottom of the second column if your screen is not wide enough.)

<2> The free icons from Mark James (Silk Icons) are rampant. Personally, I like the icons at Maxpower.

<3> Light text on a dark background is making a comeback, probably in response to the huge number of white sites we've seen in the past couple of years.

<4> "Beefy footers" -- this means that there is a whole lot of stuff below the main content on the page. Montoya says this is "great for things like photo feeds, links, blogrolls, recent posts, etc." -- [8 tutorials on flash videos] [non-streaming video: big, pretty, fast] [abc TV in flash]
--video for (online newspaper):
The assignment took about an hour to shoot for video, compared to the 15-20 minutes it might have taken to shoot a still photograph. Will all video assignments take significantly more time to shoot than still assignments? Is this a potential human resource management issue? It's not impossible to shoot a video assignment in a matter of minutes, depending on the subject. But is that really the goal here?

-------audio slideshow
We have several inexpensive options for creating a slideshow with audio: Joe Weiss' Soundslides [], SWF 'n Slide [] (thanks, Alan!), Dominey's SlideShowPro [] (requires you to own Flash; the first two do not).

I was also comparing some of the custom slideshow templates in use at some of the larger journalism Web sites. These give you an idea of how someone who has mastered Flash can create a reusable interface for a slideshow that doesn't look like everyone else's. For example, if you look at two slideshows-with-sound from Time magazine (Nachtwey's Congo []and Kozyrev's Afghanistan[]), you'll quickly recognize the common elements in the template:

Preloading: All the photos and the single audio file load from outside the SWF file -- you wait and watch a loading bar.

Title, credits and intro text: Information up front, before any photos come on.

Press Play to start the slideshow: This is nicer than an auto-start, in my opinion.

Captions are visible by default, but can be hidden with an easy-to-find Close button.

The Time magazine logo is built in (upper left corner).

Controls at the bottom of the screen; some users may need to scroll to find them. This controller bar is quite sophisticated, and I like it a lot. One of the coolest things about it is that if you click the numbers, to randomly access the pictures, the audio goes immediately to the audio that goes with that picture. Sweet!

An e-mail link is built in (upper right corner) -- also sweet!

Thumbnails of the full set of photos are available at any time from the controller bar.

At the end of the slideshow, related links come onscreen. You can also get these beforehand from a button on the controller -- and if you do, it holds your place in the slideshow and lets you go straight back to the photo you were on. Very nice.

Audio can be turned on and off at will.

Photo dimensions remain exactly the same: There are no verticals. The photos are 725 x 475 pixels. The SWF is 750 x 554.

They are using SWFObject [](under its former incarnation as FlashObject) to handle the JavaScript version detection and display. Smart! No reason to reinvent THAT wheel!

Just about the only thing you CAN'T do in this slideshow is drag the slider, but you really do not need that capability here.

mmd photoj kamisama,
You don't need to break up an audio-driven slideshow that's, say, 3 minutes or less. You don't need to break up a newspaper-style photo story that includes only a few pictures (e.g. fewer than 10). But after a point, the story demands more options for access and understanding,
The purpose ... is simply to give pleasure to its viewers. But it's the pleasure of finding things out, the thrill of discovery, the satisfaction of understanding something about the world ...

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