Leather Wallet Designs

leather wallet designs
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  • a pocket-size case for holding papers and paper money
  • "The Wallet" is the forty-fifth episode of the sitcom Seinfeld. It is the fifth episode of the fourth season of the series, and first aired on September 23, 1992.
  • A bag for holding provisions, esp. when traveling, typically used by peddlers and pilgrims
  • A wallet, or billfold, is a small, flat case that is used to carry personal items such as cash, credit cards, identification documents (driver's license, identification card, club card, etc), photographs, and other paper or laminated cards.
  • A pocket-sized, flat, folding holder for money and plastic cards

Sweet little cream leather wallet with red and blue contrast stitching and Asian floral design in brown. Handmade and hand embroidered by sew Zinski. Lined with colorful cotton fabric, metal snap closure. 4 3/4 inches wide x 3 inches tall
wallet - brown P180
wallet - brown P180
this leather wallet has a great design with two pockets outside and several compartments inside. Also available in several colors: beige, black, blue, brown and pink. Size: L 7 1/2 x H 4.

leather wallet designs
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