Using a console cable purchased off Ebay

We're now out of stock of Bifferboard console cables on the online shop. In the past it's been difficult to obtain these cables on Ebay (at any reasonable price), and it's been necessary to convert an appropriate mobile phone cable. That's no longer the case, and Ebay now seems to be deluged with them.

I decided to check out one of the the cheaper adapters to verify if it worked and it did. I purchased direct from China, from seller 'eshop4u05', but any seller selling something that looks like this will probably be OK, they are all the same. Look for the ones with cp2102 chip instead of pl2302. The cp2101 is a 'legacy' chip, not quite so powerful, probably not recommended for new designs but perfectly adequate for the job of communicating with the Bifferboard.

You only need the bottom three connectors: TXD, RXD, GND. Note that the TXD and RXD refer to the lines from the device, not the PC. Connect the adapter to the Bifferboard like this:

The above seller provides a universal cable with the adapter, so it's easy to wire it like this.