Use Bifferboard as network audio player

Thanks to the inspiring post of Niftylens i decided to give my

Bifferboard an other change as audio player.

I already figured out that the Bifferboard is not powerful enough

to decode mp3' in time, but playing wave files is no problem.

So why not use a more powerful device to do the decoding and use the

Bifferboard as a client? You can use any linux / openwrt enabled device

to do this. I think the ADM5120 based routers are powerful enough to decode the mp3.

In my case i already had an old laptop running openwrt and i used this one for my experiments.

On the server you need to have madplay and netcat installed.

- create a network stream with raw audio data:

madplay -o wave:- {your file(s)} | nc -l -p {port to use}

in my case: madplay -o wave:- * | nc -l -p 3333

- To play a mp3 stream:

wget -O - {stream address} | madplay - -o wave:- * | nc -l -p {port to use}

i.e.: wget -O - http://sc1.radiosev | madplay - -o wave:- | nc -l -p 3333

The bifferboard needs to have alsa-utils and netcat installed.

- play the network stream this way:

nc {ip of the server} {port of server} | aplay

in my case: nc 3333 | aplay

The bifferboard will now play your mp3's in full stereo :-)

you can use the netcat from openwrt rdc download section.

To do:

* Test this with mpd, because we can use mpc for remote controlling

* Get wirreles workin or use bluetooth for network

* Add lcd and keypad to Bifferboard using i2C or a i.o. expander.

* Try to get LIRC woring to add a infrared remote controll