Set correct time

Bifferboard doesn't contain an RTC, therefore every time you turn it on it'll think the time is 04:02 on the 7th August 2009 (i.e. 2009-08-07 04:02)

I guess there are a few different solutions if you need your bifferboard set to the correct time:

    • You could set the time 'by hand' using the date command, e.g. date -s "2009-05-12 17:03"

    • You could set the time from the internet (or LAN if you have a local ntp-server) using the ntpdate command

    • You could connect up an i2c RTC chip and set the time from that (anyone got an example?)

    • You might be able to set the time from a USB GPS receiver?

Set correct timezone

You need to edit the /etc/TZ file (e.g. set it to GMT0BST in the UK):

# echo "GMT0BST" > /etc/TZ

/etc/TZ is a link to /tmp/etc/TZ, so the information will be lost on powerdown. Better edit the file /etc/config/system, add (or edit) the line:

option timezone GMT0BST

Slackware update:

The timezone can be configured by running the timeconfig command.