Compile Firmware

Get lzma:

# wget

# tar xfz lzma-4.32.7.tar.gz

# cd lzma-4.32.7

# ./configure

# make

# make install

Login as regular user (not root) and:

Get source from svn:

# svn co

# cd bifferboard/

# make -j 4

While it is downloading all necessary things, and compiling everything, you can go to near super store, or go with partner to cinema. Compiling lasts quite long (in my case, with Core2Duo 3GHz it take about half an hour, with Pentium M 1.7GHz take more than hour. Longest part is download of Kernel which takes over 40 mins - download speed is less than 10kB/s)

Note: if you compile it with "make -j 4" on quad core, it will decrease compile time several times. Good practice is that you use this parameter if you have multiple cores/proccessors. Only bad thing is if you get compile errors, than you will have to switch back to single thread, to catch errors as they happen.

The kernel and rootfs should then be found in:




Running the 'make' command a second time will delete all files apart from the downloads so if you need to change OpenWrt settings and do a rebuild without rebuilding the toolchain do something like:

# cd openwrt

# make menuconfig

# make -j 4 V=99

# cd ..

# ./

The final step re-packages the rootfs to fix the dependency on kmod-usb-core, which has been compiled into the kernel.