Hardware specification

Bifferboard hardware comprises two inter-connected boards: CPU and IO board. Currently the two boards are only available together (the price includes both), although in the future they may be offered separately. Most connectors, and also the 5v->3.3v switching converter are found on the IO board.

The CPU board consists of:

S3282 BGA CPU @ 150MHz (R861x/R321x equivalent). 486SX instruction set (no maths co-processor). The data sheet for the R8610 may be found here.

32MB DRAM, NT5SV16M16BS-75B.

8MB ROM: EN29LV640BB-70TCP. Details of the flash map used are here

IP101a Ethernet PHY. Capable of handling 2 ports, but only one wired.

Temperature ratings

Suggested storage termperature is under 50 degrees C, operational environment temperature is under 35 degree C. For specific components, maximum temperatures are as follows:

- CPU, RAM and LAN PHY: Suggested working temperature up to 70 degree C.

- U4 & U6 voltage IC: Suggested working temperature upto 85 degree C

Additional info, including pinouts, can be found here: http://www.bifferos.co.uk/pinouts/

Please note that activating GPIO on pins 8 and 9 (GPIO7 and GPIO8) will temporarily disable your serial port. These pins will only be usable as GPIO pins until you revert them to their "serial mode" by unexporting them from GPIO ("echo 7 > /sys/class/gpio/unexport" and "echo 8 > /sys/class/gpio/unexport").