Reading txz files

A .txz file is a .tar file that's been compressed with xz-utils, similar to the way that a .tgz file is a .tar file that's been compressed with gzip. Even though the format's been around a while (and compresses better than bzip2), it seems not everything fully supports it yet...

    • If you're lucky, you'll have a version of tar installed that natively understands .txz files.

    • If you're slightly less lucky (this is the case in Ubuntu9.10), you'll have a tar that doesn't understand .txz files, but does understand .tar.xz files. So just rename e.g. slack13-rootfs-9.txz to slack13-rootfs-9.tar.xz and you can then use "tar -xf ..." as normal.

    • If you're unlucky, your version of tar doesn't support XZ / LZMA at all. In this case you'll need to install your distro's xz-utils package, and then do something like "xz -d slack13-rootfs-9.txz" which will convert it to a regular (and much larger!) slack13-rootfs-9.tar