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slack13-rootfs-9.txz (1 Feb 2010) MD5: 26d2e3b16201db9fb1390b1769df358f
  • Switched back to kernel, since 2.6.32 suffered instability issues with i2c and 1-wire.
  • Added RTAI capability
  • Reduced timer tick rate, to give more accurate clock
  • Added distcc, for compiling stuff faster on the Bifferboard
slack13-rootfs-8.txz (6 Dec 2009) MD5: bc5c307e282a1b8832071e77845cd515
  • Switched to kernel 2.6.32
  • Added MTD modules, for experiments with on-board flash
  • Now includes basic development tools: Make, GCC, Nasm.
  • Switched to LZMA archive format (you need a tar that can understand .txz, or install xz-utils to convert .txz to .tar)
slack13-rootfs-7.tgz (27 Oct 2009) MD5: 5c16df29fd212f39a4885820c3169772
  • Now in SVN at:  https://bifferboard.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/bifferboard/slack/
  • No root password
  • Added kexec patch
  • Added back udevd, loaded it later in the boot-up sequence.
  • Added pac207 webcam driver (still get libv4l2: error dequeuing buf: Input/output error).
slack13-rootfs-6.tgz (12 Oct 2009) MD5: fa8cac258e49955e85ea11dc3443a8af
  • Embedded an appropriate command-line in the kernel.  This means that you *must* put / on the first partition, or recompile your own kernel.
  • Switched to www.mirrorservice.org for slackware updating (much faster than ftp.slackware.com)
  • Added usbdevfs to allow lsusb to work
  • Added verbose messages when USB devices are connected (so something happens when you plug them in)
  • Added biffconfig kernel module +MD5 for bifferboard config updating WARNING:  Only works for 1MB Bifferboards.
  • Added some extra misc modules
  • Switched to tgz distribution for better compatibility with most Linux systems.
slack13-rootfs-5.tar.lzma (11 Oct 2009) MD5: cc1508efbd2aa914fbadbb068b9a31cb
  • Added N-series disks and networking kernel module
  • Added slapt-get and all dependencies
slack13-bifferboard-base.tgz (7 Oct 2009) MD5: 82cebd8895eb13f2988a4b86adc4acbb
  • A-series disks only
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