If you are thinking about buying USB audio hardware, first of all check out this blog.

MP3 player

There is only one MP3 player that you're likely to need, and that's Madplay. Madplay is one of the few players likely to work without a FPU because it only uses integer maths. You'll need to install the following packages:

slapt-get -i madplay

slapt-get -i esound

slapt-get -i audiofile

slapt-get -i libmad

slapt-get -i libid3tag

slapt-get -i rexima (mixer)

Kernel modules

Alsa sound modules should get loaded automatically by udevd when the USB audio device is plugged in, but many programs, including Madplay will not play without OSS pcm emulation (e.g. device /dev/dspX). For this you will need the following modules loaded:




MP3 Bitrates

mp3 files over 64kbps will probably have trouble playing, even with Madplay. If the sound is distorted try madplay --downsample.

CM108 based hardware works fine using madplay this way.