3.3 screenshots

Cut'n'paste from the serial console, running on a 8MB board

Version banner

BIFFBOOT v3.3 00B3F600379C 32-bit Loader by bifferos (c) 2010

Redistribution prohibited, all rights reserved.

Press <ESC>

'help' or '?' for a list of commands

Help menu

Available commands:

help Print this help

? Alias for 'help'

credits Print credits

analyser Run a simple logic analyser on JTAG/button GPIO

showconfig Print config values

flash Flash erase or basic test (erase|test)

tftpflash Obtain and flash kernel via BOOTP/TFTP

ubiformat Format ubifs partition

led Set led state (on|off)

defaults Set factory default configuration

usbroot Set cmndline for root on USB device

mtdroot Set cmndline for root on on-board flash

rdroot Set cmndline for root on initrd

revert Revert latest config changes

save Save the config to flash

reboot Restart Biffboot

go Boot kernel/payload

boot Alias for 'go'

set Set config value. 'set help' for options

Config display

Configuration values:

bootsource: on-board flash

console: enabled

nic: enabled

boottype: Linux 2.6 parameter block

loadaddress: 0x00400000

cmndline: console=uart,io,0x3f8 init=/etc/preinit ubi.mtd=rootfs

kernelmax: 0x0020