If you want to edit these pages please email bifferos@yahoo.co.uk, including your google account name.Where to Buy - http://www.bifferos.co.uk

Mailing list - Chat with other users, report problems etc...

OpenWrt - How to recompile the factory firmware that comes with the board

Factory firmware - Supplied with new Bifferboards

Bootloader - Features of the bootloader (Biffboot).

'Desktop' Linux distributions - Run your favourite x86 Linux on Bifferboard

Hardware Specification - The components involved

Dual-USB Bifferboard - Pictures and info relating to the larger version

Linux Kernel Patches - Bifferboard kernel patches/issues discussed.

Subversion - Various build scripts, and other utilities

RTOS - Investigation of alternative operating systems

PoE - Power over Ethernet on the cheap

Doorbell - Bifferboard as a doorbell

Older 1MB Boards - My board has only 1MB Flash - what now?

Channel IRC :

You can find an irc channel on Freenode, #bifferboard. (webchat applet if you don't have an irc client : http://webchat.freenode.net/)

Various people's project notes + pics:

Biff's blog


Noshbar's keyring photoframe notes




Buildroot fork

SPI interface


Nicolas Le Falher

Niclas Lardh

Jean-Claude Wippler

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