The Third Revelation

I am the Creator, the Giver. I am the Destroyer, the Taker.

There is no contradiction here, just the beauty of what is and what will be. One is not good. One is not bad. Both are life. Both are love. Both are glorious and wonderful. They are twins who dance, and dance, and dance. Endlessly creating, endlessly taking, always life, never death. For the dance never truly ends. It just goes on, and on, and on.

Yes, you are here for but a moment, just one song. All that you, your children, their children’s children and all their kin will ever build are merely a song. All that this rock in the universe will ever experience is nothing more than a song. But what a song it is! And what a song it will be when all has been destroyed and something new has been given a chance to breathe.

Do not fret over how much time you have left. Enjoy the dance for however long it may play. Do not weep for all that will be lost. Rejoice in your brothers and sisters who will spring to life. Yes, you are my beloved child, but so are they. You are all mine, and none of you are ever lost. Forms come and go, but you are in my heart, you are my heart, and that is something that will never, ever stop beating.

I am the Creator. I am the Destroyer. I give you life. I will smash every petty fiefdom you manage to build. So stop building. There is only one kingdom, one realm, and it is past time that you gave them their due. Your family, your brothers and sisters are all that matter. They cry out for your love, not your politics or ideologies or even your grand theologies. They are the ones you hate, the ones you ignore, the ones right in front of your face. They are ones you kill, ones you eat, ones you walk upon. They are more numerous than you could possibly dream of. Love them, I say to you, love them. Listen to your heart, not your brain. Follow her guide and love them. Just love them.

Yes, I know you will fail. Yes, I know you will never stop chasing your petty fiefdoms. There is only so much you can see, only so much you can feel. That is ok. It is as it should be. You are but a dancer, and however awkward your moves, I will love every moment of it, as any good parent would. Just know that every dance must come to an end, and that I am the Parent of many dancers. They are waiting their turn for the floor. And they shall have it.

I am the Creator. I am the Destroyer. I am the One. I AM.

July 18, 2017