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The goal of this site is to share historical information with anyone interested in the data.

Space on this site does not permit a full listing of all the research information I have documented during my several years of research. If you are searching for information related to individuals that might have been in the area, or about the town of Bidwell at Bidwell's Bar, please contact me and I will be glad to search my data base to determine if I can provide information for you.

I am interested in obtaining  any information or material you may be aware of that would assist in my continued research. Please do not assume I already have the information. My standard response to that is "I would rather have the information twice, than not once!" I would be grateful for any information you are willing to share. 

 My eMail addresses are  <> 
                                   or <>

 Note: Please notice that the ending of the addresses are different. One is lower
 case q (qwest) and the second one is lower case g (gmail).
This site was reorganized on August 11, 2015

Latest changes to this site:
- January 26, 2018: Added page about Dawlytown at Bidwell's Bar

- July 5, 2017: Added page about Bidwell's Bar Cemetery.
                            Page included three attached documents and a map of Cemetery

- March 24, 2017:  Added page on Bidwell Bridges GPS
- February 28, 2017: Changes to Bidwell Town Photo Page.
                            Added text that explains the background of two images of the town.

- September 10, 2016: Added information related to availability of second book. 
                            New Information that is not in first book.  Book content and ordering information 
                            is  provided on the  published research page of this site.

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