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Courthouse Monument

       Bidwell Courthouse Monument Dedication of 1918

The honor of unveiling the courthouse monument was bestowed to John Bendle. He is the man standing beside the left side of the monument with his hand reaching out to the United States flag. The photo to the right shows a close up of John Bendle at the dedication ceremony.

A newspaper article dated February 9, 1914, indicated planning was underway to erect a courthouse monument and that John Bendle had selected the location. Bendle was credited as one of the last men who could point out the exact location of the courthouse, the site of general Bidwell’s cabin, the location of Judge Lot’s law office and other building locations. 

The monument was formally dedicated on May 12, 1918.  Seven months after the monument was dedicated, John Bendle died on December 30, 1918, at the age of eighty-six.


The monument shown in this photo was located on the new road leading to the Bidwell’s Bar suspension bridge. The courthouse was located about 120 yards west (behind the monument). A small marker was also placed at the actual site of the courthouse.

Years later Miss Kate Bendle, John Bendle’s daughter who was born at Bidwell in 1855, stated that the roadside monument was placed at about the location where the original road to Bidwell turned to the west and passed in front of the Gluckauf (later Bendle) store, the hotels, and continued to the site of the ferry crossing of the Feather River. 

The original courthouse monument, a toll house replica and the reconstructed Bidwell’s Bar bridge are now located in the Kelly Ridge Recreation area about one and one-half miles south-west of their original locations at Bidwell’s Bar.