Welcome to BidMod's Train Pages.
At the moment, there's not a lot here. I had a Google Pages site, but it got neglected and so when the opportunity to move across to Google Sites came along, I've chosen to start afresh. I'd been threatening to do that for some time anyway!
The site will, eventually, contain my ramblings about railways, principally in Britain, but it'll also cover other things as well such as my photography (more trains, but landscapes and wildlife as well), and - if I ever get around to it - my blog.
There is only one caveat with this site - it'll never be updated in "real time" in an attempt to stop people working out who or where I am. It sounds selfish, but you really don't know who's out there looking at my stuff. Also, please don't use any images without permission - it's rude and I'm possessive about them in case I lose the credit for them. On the other hand, if you want to use them, you could send me an email to bidmod. My choice of email provider in this case is a live.co.uk address. I agree, it would be easier for you if I printed it less cryptically, but I don't want too much spam in there - I get enough as it is without adverts for Nigerian banks and blue pills if my address gets collected by bots.
Cheers all