About our lab

What we do:

Language and cognition relationship is intricate and elusive. In our lab we aim to contribute to the understanding of this relationship, taking into consideration another aspect of human nature, that of culture. Culture, in a broad sense, seems to have a lot to do with the way we look at the world and decide to talk about our lived experiences. These settings of a linguistic community does a lot more than just tweaking the grammatical structures of a language. we look at some of these issues in case of the North East Indian languages, using psycholinguistic tool. Some of the themes we are currently engaged in are:
  • Bilingualism 
  • Motion verbs 
  • language processing and sensory perception
  • figurative language processing


I am:
Bidisha Som, PhD
Associate Professor in Linguistics. Dept. of HSS. IIT Guwahati


Our Team:
current members;
Sugandha Kaur (JRF)                                 Sampreeti Das (JRF)
Deepshikha Das                                         Opangienla Kechu
previous members:
Rekha Kalita (JRF)                                      Pinky Wary (JRF)

Sunit Bhattacharya
Dept. of  Computer Science, Central University of Rajasthan

Contact Information:
Room No: 205, Block ‘F’
Department of Humanities and Social Sciences
Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati
North Guwahati, 781039
Assam, India

Email: bidisha[*AT]iitg.ermet.in

For students:

Students who are interested in joining our lab as intern or research assistants can send their resume to bidisha@iitg.ernet.in. 

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