About our lab

What we do:

work in our lab focuses on language processing with respect to other cognitive mechanisms  and how these factors, in turn, get affected by  the culture the community is in. Language and cognition relationship is intricate and elusive.  Culture, in a broad sense, seems to have a lot to do with the way we look at the world and decide to talk about our lived experiences. Our empirical work  combines theoretical knowledge of linguistics with behavioral measures, with focus on the language of  North East India. India's north east is a cultural mosaic, with a very high density of myriad languages and cultures within a relatively small geographical area.
Some of the themes we are currently engaged in are:
  • language processing in monolingual and bilingual context
  • Motion verbs 
  • language of sensory perception
  • figurative language


For students:

Students who are interested in joining our lab as intern or research assistants can send their resume to bidisha@iitg.ernet.in.