Windows Xp Clean Installation

windows xp clean installation
    clean installation
  • Installation of an operating system on a new computer or a computer with a reformatted hard disk.
  • (Clean install) Installing a software on a computer which does not have the older version of the same software. ^
    windows xp
  • Windows XP is an operating system produced by Microsoft for use on personal computers, including home and business desktops, laptops, and media centers. It was first released in August 2001, and is currently one of the most popular versions of Windows. The name "XP" is short for "eXPerience."
  • Powerful Windows operating system that provides reliability, robustness, and ease of use for both corporate and home PC users.
  • is the upcoming version of Microsoft's OS. There will be both a Windows XP Professional version and a Windows XP consumer version. The new OS promises to feature more multimedia capabilities and better integration with portable devices.
windows xp clean installation - Microsoft Windows
Microsoft Windows Vista Ultimate UPGRADE DVD (OLD VERSION)
Microsoft Windows Vista Ultimate UPGRADE DVD (OLD VERSION)
Windows Vista Ultimate is the flagship edition of Windows Vista across consumer and small business desktop PCs and mobile PCs. The primary user of Windows Vista Ultimate is the individual, such as a small business owner, who has a single PC to use both at home and at work. This edition includes all of the features available in Windows Vista Home Premium and Windows Vista Enterprise. Windows Vista Ultimate is the first operating system that combines the advanced infrastructure of a business-focused operating system, the productivity of a mobility-focused operating system, and the digital entertainment features of a consumer-focused operating system. For users who want their PC to be great for working at home, on the go, and at the office, Windows Vista Ultimate is the no-compromise operating system that provides it all.

The most comprehensive edition of Windows Vista, Vista Ultimate Upgrade (DVD-ROM) is the first operating system that combines all of the advanced infrastructure features of a business-focused operating system, all of the management and efficiency features of a mobility-focused operating system, and all of the digital entertainment features of a consumer-focused operating system. For the person who wants one operating system that is great for working from home, working on the road, and for entertainment, Windows Vista Ultimate is a no-compromise operating system that lets you have it all.

Windows Sidebar gives you quick access to gadgets like picture slide shows, Windows Media Player controls, or news headlines. You pick the gadgets you want to see in Windows Sidebar. View larger.

Use Flip 3D to navigate through open windows using the scroll wheel on your mouse. View larger.

Compare Windows Vista editions.

Use Instant Search to quickly find the information you need. View larger.

Windows Vista Aero provides spectacular visual effects such as glass-like interface elements that you can see through.

The redesigned Windows Media Center in Windows Vista lets you enjoy your media throughout your home, even on your Xbox 360. View larger.
Update Eligibility
You can upgrade from your current edition of Microsoft Windows XP or Windows 2000 (including Windows XP Professional, Windows XP Home, Windows XP Media Center, Windows XP Tablet PC, Windows XP Professional x64, Windows 2000) to a corresponding or better edition of Windows Vista by purchasing and installing this upgrade copy of Windows Vista. Depending on which edition of Windows you are running and the edition of Windows Vista you would like to install, you have two options for the installation process: You can upgrade in-place, which means you can install Windows Vista and retain your applications, files, and settings as they were in your previous edition of Windows or you can do a clean install. If you are currently using Windows 2000 Professional or Windows XP Professional x64, you are eligible for an upgrade copy to a corresponding or better edition of Windows Vista, but a clean install is required. For versions of Windows earlier than Windows 2000, upgrade copies are not available. These earlier versions of Windows require you to install a full copy of Windows Vista.
Easier, Faster Access to Information
Windows Vista Ultimate features Windows Aero, a new interface that delivers higher levels of efficiency for any business user. This easy-to-use interface makes it a snap to navigate through the operating system and from application to application. Most importantly, Windows Aero helps you juggle multiple tasks at once by providing a three-dimensional, real-time, animated view of all your open applications and documents. And for those businesses that do work in other countries, Windows Vista Ultimate supports all worldwide interface languages.
Breakthrough Windows Vista Experience
Designed to help you feel confident in your ability to view, find, and organize information and to control your computing experience, all editions of Windows Vista introduce a breakthrough user experience. The visual sophistication of Windows Vista helps streamline your computing experience by refining common window elements so you can better focus on the content on the screen rather than on how to access it. The desktop experience is more informative, intuitive, and helpful. And new tools bring better clarity to the information on your computer, so you can see what your files contain without opening them, find applications and files instantly, navigate efficiently among open windows, and use wizards and dialog boxes more confidently.
Work From Home
Windows Vista Ultimate includes all of the features that make it easy to remotely connect to business networks. This means that when you're working from home, you'll have advanced networking capabilities, such as the ability to join a domain, support for Group Policy, and access to features such as Remote Desktop. Windows Vista Ultimate also includes Windows BitLocker Drive Encryption that provides improved levels of protection against theft for your important business data whether you are at home, on the road, or in the office.
More Entertainment Options
Windows Vista Ultimate delivers all of the entertainment features available in Windows Vista Home Premium, and includes everything you need to enjoy the latest in digital photography, music, movies, analog TV, or even HDTV. Windows Vista Ultimate also has helpful tools such as Windows Photo Gallery and Windows Movie Maker to ensure that you have everything you need to collect, manage, and edit your digital content. It also includes Windows Media Center for turning your PC into an all-in-one home entertainment center.
Versatile Operation
Windows Vista Ultimate truly lives up to its name by delivering all of the features both business and home users want and need. It is the ideal solution for both a small-business owner who wants a single PC that he or she can use at the office, on the road, and at home, and for someone who wants a home PC that will be used primarily for entertainment purposes but that can also be used for business purposes such as connecting to a corporate network.

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Never buy an Acer laptop
Never buy an Acer laptop
This is a piece of s*** also known as Acer Aspire 5102 AWLMi. It has already been repaired once during the warranty period and it got broken again. As it has proven to be very unreliable and a waste money, I decided not to get it repaired this time (in economics they speak about throwing good money after bad, I think). I just transferred the hard disk contents to my older computer and I will work with that for now. Transferring the files only required taking the hard disk out and connecting it to the other computer with the cables I got when the laptop broke for the first time. That had the added benefit of telling me that the problem is not with the hard disk as it worked just fine. Then I decided to do some exploring on my own. I thought I might as well do it, because the laptop is no good anyway as it won’t start, so if I break it more, there’s no real harm done and I have at least learned a little more about it. I had Ubuntu live CD and I thought it would be interesting to see if I could boot the laptop with that. I couldn’t. All right, that showed it really was a hardware problem, not just Windows Vista problem. I still had some doubts whether the computer was really trying to do a clean boot from the CD-ROM, although I had changed the boot order, so I removed the hard disk again and tried booting from the CD without it. It worked. I got a lot of "Cannot allocate resource..." messages, but I still managed to get Ubuntu started. Not knowing what to do next to locate the problem, I decided to put the hard disk back and see whether booting from Ubuntu live CD would work now. It did. It seems that it needed to get past that hardware problem just once. Then I installed Ubuntu to the laptop hard disk and that worked better than expected. I got the laptop working again and now I can use it to learn how Ubuntu works. I had been planning on doing that some day anyway. I still wanted to see what would happen with Windows, so I did some searching, found instructions for setting up dual boot and decided to try that. I had an install disk for Windows XP Home Edition and used that instead of the Vista installation that was in the laptop before. The installation was successful and I even got XP activated even though I used an OEM disk for another computer for installing it. I guess that’s because the laptop originally had Vista Home Premium, so I did have a license, I just downgraded it. So, the laptop works again and now has two operating systems instead of just one. Also, I finally managed to locate the problem. I went to the system information in Windows XP and noticed that the amount of memory is 770 MB. It should be 1 GB. Now I know what the problem is and how it can be solved. I’ve got the manual for taking the laptop apart. I found it from Acer’s web site, but I am more than a bit hesitant to open the laptop even as much as is required for replacing the memory. Also, I’m not sure whether I’m willing to spend the money to buy new memory when there are no guarantees that it is the only thing wrong with the laptop. Anyway, Ubuntu seems to work great with the current memory and I won't be using XP much, so that can wait. I cannot trust that the laptop will continue to work and I doubt whether the Windows programs I need to use would work in Ubuntu, although I have installed Wine in it, so it is no longer suitable for my work tasks. Still, it is better to be able to use it for something than not be able to use it at all. I'd say I have learned two important lessons from my experiences with this laptop: 1) Never buy an Acer laptop again. 2) If Windows thinks your computer is broken, try Linux. By the way, the older computer is HP Compaq nx7010 laptop bought in January 2004 and it still works fine.
BeoVision 7 in a perfect blend
BeoVision 7 in a perfect blend
With BeoVision 7 40" with motorized stand, the TV can be watched from any corner of the livingroom. It also allows for a very clean installation without any other needed electronic components.

windows xp clean installation
windows xp clean installation
Brother MFC-495CW Inkjet Color Multifunction Center with Wireless Networking for the Small Office/Home Office
The MFC-495cw is a feature rich all-in-one printer, copier, scanner and fax. The flexible wireless (802.11b/g) or wired (Ethernet) network interface can connect the all-in-one to multiple computers. The widescreen 3.3” color LCD display enables you to edit or enhance your photos and has easy read help menus. Print borderless images and photos at high print resolutions up to 6000x 1200dpi. You can fax / copy / scan unattended; using the auto document feeder. Increase your productivity with fast print speeds up to 35ppm black and 28ppm color*. Additionally, with the 4-catridge ink system, only change the cartridge that needs to be replaced.

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