How to clean windows with newspaper. Cleaning a glass shower. Commercial cleaning cost.

How To Clean Windows With Newspaper

how to clean windows with newspaper
    clean windows
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how to clean windows with newspaper - Mr. Clean
Mr. Clean 01638 MagicReach Starter Kit
Mr. Clean 01638 MagicReach Starter Kit
Mr. Clean MagicReach is made up of three key features: a flexible, shaped head; sturdy, detachable pole; and disposable cleaning pads. Flexible, Shaped Head: The flexible head can work as a hand tool, or can be attached to the Mr Clean MagicReach pole. The head features pointed ends to easily scrub corners, and flexible sides to hug the angles around the bottom of your toilet and curves in your bathtub. Pole: Strong, yet lightweight, this detachable pole extends up to nearly 4 feet. It gives you the extra reach you need to clean up high in your shower stall, around the bottom of your tub, and behind your toilet. The pole also features a hook on one end for easy storage when not in use. Disposable Cleaning Pads: There are two types of pads - Scrubbing Tub/Shower and Mopping Floor/Multipurpose. The Scrubbing pads foam when submerged in water and clean tough soap scum in your tub and shower. The Mopping pads are premoistened to easily clean floors, sinks, countertops, and more. Starter Kit contains 1 MagicReach flexible head, 1 detachable telescoping pole, 2 scrubbing tub/shower pads, 2 mopping floor/multipurpose pads.

79% (10)
You wont even notice
You wont even notice
Stole this from my neighbor this morning. Early, like 4:30. Newspaper delivery threw it on his doorstep, I went outside and promptly took it. He was awake too with his kids. (he has kids? And who in the right mind wakes their kids up before 4:30? Freak...) Revenge for throwing shit at my dog. Who knows, this may ruin his life. Maybe he collects the Honolulu Advertiser. In that case, then good. If not, then I just introduced a little anarchy in the honesty system. Since I'm staying up this late that i see the newspapers be delivered early in the morning, instead of taking the newspaper, maybe i should just write little notes to leave in the paper sleeve... Yeah I'm gonna do that tomorrow. How scared would you be if you picked up your newspaper in the morning and there was a note that simply stated: "Dont think that I forgot." or "Watch your back." or "I still remember, I bet you do too." ... Yeah, I'm gonna do that tomorrow morning. Anyway my mom came home today. I thought she'd be in a good mood and would commemorate my responsibility and bs like that, but no she just came down with the fury of a storm on her side. She wants to move to San-Diego now, and i disagree. So she just got mad at my opinion and started to yell at me about my life and how I dont do anything and stuff. Gradually building up to nothing. Apparently everything I've done in the past is either wrong, or just too slow. So after an hours long period of being talked at, I went upstairs to re access my life. SAN DIEGO? fuck that. everybody in california is a prick. She only wants to go because of the cost of living, and how cheap everything is. And the size of house she could get. And the "opportunities" there are for everything. (for her its, different restaurants, malls, and theaters) She is now sick of living a simpler, more isolated lifestyle in Hawaii. What a hypocrite. Preaching her bullshit live simple, have less, live more crap. I hate her now for being so spineless. Kind of like why i hate a bunch of other people... We went on for a few more hours of nothing fighting. How she was pissed off with my incompetence, inability to do something the first time when she asks me, how she does everything in the house, how I wouldn't eat week old leftovers while she was gone, How i forgot to put the christmas tree box on the shelf, how i need to be reminded to take the trash out, wash the car, clean my room, I DO ALL OF THESE THINGS. Im the only one who does ANYTHING in the house. I clean EVERYDAY, but for some reason she thinks she did it all. She just doesn't take the time to notice. She has alzheimer's or some crap I think. Stuck in a finite loop of "I'm a shitty child." and seriously, why would you pick a fight because I bought somebody a present? What the fuck is wrong with you? Whatever. I was forced to go to bed at 11. But really now, that just means climb out the window, and come back when you're asleep, and proceed to do as i want. (in my case i just wanted to read a book.) God its friggin winter break AND the weekend. And you know what, I was gonna carry out your revenge bullshit tomorrow, but for the sake of you being a complete bitch lately, you don't even deserve it anymore. I'll just fake the whole thing. I don't want to move again. Mom comes home and picks random fights. My week of freedom and heaven is over. 3 People die on new years day in car accidents. (I learned this from my stolen newspaper) What a bad way to start the new year.
Before the broken window
Before the broken window
After taking this I saw how dirty my kitchen window was so I decided to clean it. I got the newspaper (doesn't leave streaks) and windex and proceeded clean. I finished and started to pull the window down. Next thing I knew the window came out of the track and crashing down. With glass everywhere I checked to see if any was stuck in me. I thank the good lord that I came out of that one without a scratch. I currently have a piece of card board in the window.

how to clean windows with newspaper
how to clean windows with newspaper
San Francisco Chronicle
This Pulitzer Prize-winning newspaper is the 14th largest in the country, with a daily circulation of 375,000 in the Bay Area alone. It provides comprehensive coverage of local, regional and international news, entertainment and sports, and is one of the only papers in the United States with a regular column devoted to the architecture industry.
The Kindle Edition of The San Francisco Chronicle contains most articles found in the print edition, but will not include some images and tables. Also, some features such as the crossword puzzle, box scores and classifieds are not currently available. For your convenience, issues are automatically delivered wirelessly to your Kindle starting at 5:00 AM San Francisco local time.

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