Roof bike racks : Pa bicycle trails.

Roof Bike Racks

roof bike racks
    bike racks
  • (Bike Rack) The stand that holds bicycles in place in the transition area so a competitor can quickly get on his / her bike.
  • Function as the roof of
  • provide a building with a roof; cover a building with a roof
  • a protective covering that covers or forms the top of a building
  • Cover with a roof
  • the inner top surface of a covered area or hollow space; "the roof of the cave was very high"; "I could see the roof of the bear's mouth"
roof bike racks - Inno Locking
Inno Locking Upright Rooftop Bike Rack
Inno Locking Upright Rooftop Bike Rack
The new INA382 locking, upright rooftop bike rack has a caliper holding system that holds bike frames up to 3.25 inches in diameter and has tire holders designed to securely fit tires of up to 2.7" in width. This unit has a universal mounting system that securely fits square, round, & most factory crossbars. Made from light, yet strong, anodized aluminum, this rack is easy to install and sturdy enough to make that long haul. Accessories include a key and lock mechanism to keep your equipment secure. When it comes to fun on the go, you can trust Inno.

Easily carry your bike to the trail or campsite with the Inno upright locking roof rack.

The rack's tire holders fit tires as wide as 2.7 inches.
The rack is equipped with a new caliper holding system that holds bike frames in diameters of up to 3.25 inches, along with tire holders that fit tires as wide as 2.7 inches. Whether you're transporting road bikes, mountain bikes, or dirt bikes, the upright roof rack is up to the task. The rack's light, durable anodized aluminum tray is also easy to install, as it mounts to square, round, and most factory crossbars. Finally, the rack comes with a key and lock, so you can keep your bike secure on long road trips while you grab a bite at a local restaurant.
About Inno Advanced Car Racks
A division of Car Mate USA, Inno has been designing and manufacturing innovative and technologically advanced car racks for more than 30 years. Car Mate was founded in 1966 by Takaaki Murata, the inventor of the car seat headrest, and is today the largest manufacturer of automotive accessories in Japan. The company launched Inno 10 years later, eventually capturing a near-60 percent share of the Japanese car rack market before entering the U.S. market in 2003. Offering lasting appeal to "weekend warriors" everywhere, Inno racks are tested in the most vigorous conditions imaginable, including in the lab with UV-ray and salt spray exposure and on high-speed race tracks. Inno is headquartered in Tokyo, Japan.

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New Home Depot has bike racks
New Home Depot has bike racks
The new Home Depot in the sorta South Loop area of Roosevelt and Canal has two bike racks. Side note: I see this entrance of the store as a traffic problem. I see so many cars wanting to get in here that they will block the sidewalk and line up on the street. I didn't get a photo of the main entrance (this is not it), but I know the store expects most people to enter from the parking lot on the roof.
Bike parking
Bike parking
Recently, bike racks were installed on campus in several locations though unfortunately, none of them sport a roof to protect against the almost omnipresent rain.

roof bike racks
roof bike racks
Aluminum Upright Car Roof Mounted Bike Bicycle Rack Carrier Light Weight
Rooftop bike carriers allow road racers, mountain bikers and cycling hobbyists on vacation to transport their bicycles on the roof of the car. Transporting a bike in this manner eliminates the possibility of chips and cracks to the frames brought on by pebbles and debris from the road, which is a common problem with bike carriers that mount to the trunk of the vehicle as opposed to its roof. Of course, not all rooftop bike carriers are created equal, and to find the best rooftop bike carrier, you must look not only to your car's make and model for compatibility, and the kind of mount you prefer.