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Leather Bike Bag

leather bike bag
  • A material made from the skin of an animal by tanning or a similar process
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  • whip with a leather strap
  • motorcycle: a motor vehicle with two wheels and a strong frame
  • bicycle: ride a bicycle
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leather bike bag - WATERPROOF throw-over
WATERPROOF throw-over Saddle Bag with zippered attachment Size: 12.5X9X6 (LxHxW)
WATERPROOF throw-over Saddle Bag with zippered attachment Size: 12.5X9X6 (LxHxW)
These bags have a strap that goes under the seat to attach them to your bike. They are designed to fit most bikes. Throw over Saddle Bags are so easy to install, all you have to do is take off your seat throw the saddle bags over and adjust the laces to the length you want them and then put your seat back on and you are ready to go. This is a universal Motorcycle Luggage solution and fits any motorcycle. The Motorcycles this bag would fit includes all models of the following motorcycles, Harley Davidson Motorcycles, Honda Motorcycles, Kawasaki Motorcycles, Yamaha Motorcycles, Suzuki Motorcycles, and Victory Motorcycle. We are Factory direct sellers and will beat any price in the market for thse saddlebags. Buy with confidence. We stand behind the quality of these saddlebags. If you are not satisfied with the quality of these bags simply contact us for RMA number and return the bags for a full refund within 10 days of your purchase. These bags are made by All state leather. The most trusted name among the Biker's. All State saddlebags and other items have the best quality. Measurement Instructions are very clear and accurate please don't do the guesswork and follow the measurements.

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Tool bag
Tool bag
Peugeot Bike with Tool Bag made by Crooks ! not Brooks just kidding.....its an old leather camera case converted to a tool bag purple velvet lined to protect tools seriously lol ! 2 straps to hold it on quill and headtube weight supported by the rack not sure if its beautiful but its certainly classic Re-duce-Re-Use-Re-CYCLE !
Leather tools bag
Leather tools bag
Hand made leather tools bag. 7"x3"x2" More info: nirekin@hotmail.com

leather bike bag
leather bike bag
Ventra Pack 2-in-1 Chest Pack / Slim Shoulder Sling Messenger Bag
VentraPack positions frequently used accessories within sight so you don't waste time un-strapping and removing your backpack to find your camera, sun-block, etc. while on the move. A zipper releases a drop-down work surface with a map window and comprehensive organizer to store items internally; optional modular exterior pouches are available to hold larger contents. How it works: VentraPack's 4 exclusive anchors quickly snap to your backpack's webbing on the shoulder harness. Hi-visibility quick-release buckles allow instant chest-pack detachment. The 4 anchors length-adjust to fit most users. Comfort features: Breathable, padded 3D mesh foam back to vent moisture; custom long rubber end zipper pullers are easy to use even with gloves on; padding on front/back protect the contents. Quality features: Highest quality water resistant PUX2 treated Dobby Nylon for look and durability; smooth & reliable best available YKK zippers; box stitched or bar-tacked for high load-bearing; high quality 3-D rubber tags, best US-brand Nexus buckles for secure closure; smooth strong webbings. Utility features: The fold out shelf surface feature a clear document/map window and a stiffened work area for writing, etc; lined with orange nylon to allocating contents; wire port for iPods, MP3, etc; large rear pocket with Velcro closure for larger flat items. Available gear module pouches securely snap onto chest-pack front in any desired position/combination. 5 optional modules available for purchase: Zip Cluster Pouch - padded for digital cameras, flash units, iPhone/PDA, batteries, snacks, etc. Flap Cluster Pouch - draw-string top for water bottles, mittens, camera lens, iPhone/PDA, batteries, snacks, etc. Koala Sheath - fits hand-size accessories. Elastic sides stretch to accommodating anything from pocket flashlights, multi-tool, etc. up to bar cell phones. POD Case: fits most sunglasses or small gadgets. Capsule Case: fits most cell phones, GPS, or small gadgets.