Cheap Biking Shorts

cheap biking shorts
  • (bike) motorcycle: a motor vehicle with two wheels and a strong frame
  • (bike) bicycle: a wheeled vehicle that has two wheels and is moved by foot pedals
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  • Men's underpants
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cheap biking shorts - Mens Pro
Mens Pro Bike Short Cycling Shorts Biking Black MEDIUM
Mens Pro Bike Short Cycling Shorts Biking Black MEDIUM
The men's Pro Cycling Short is a padded bicycling short with an eight-panel anatomical design. There are no seams between the legs, so the smooth inner leg reduces opportunity for abrasion and saddle sores. Bike Shorts add comfort on longer bike rides because the compression the spandex against your muscles supports your hard work on the bike. Cross Grain Cutting maximizes stretch performance of spandex fabric. Eight panel construction is designed with curves for cycling position Smooth inner leg reduces opportunity for abrasion and saddle sores. Fabric is four way, 7 1/2 oz, nylon/lycra, tricot knit - THE BEST! You want Comfort on the bicycle. The men's cycling short has an eight panel anatomical design with a padded crotch for comfort on the bicycle. Waist is a soft elastic that is coverstitched and tacked for durability. leg grippers are smooth and comfortable with high quality five thread surged edges. Bike Shorts are very comfortable and properly sized for men who ride their bicycle seriously and do not want to be bothered by shorts that ride up. These shorts will not ride up. Crotch padding is multiple layers with padding in the places it is needed - Perfecto. Pad's surface is a smooth, coolmax microfiber, that is laminated to foam and tricot, it is antibacterial and stays dry and inhibits the growth of bacteria.

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Heads Up! Helmets On!
Heads Up! Helmets On!
I have a short rant on the topic of bike helmets. The idea of not wearing a helmet completely alludes me. They are pretty cheap (you can get a decent one for $30), light (they are styrofoam after all), and have much better ventilation that they did ten years ago. More to the point, a helmet has one function: To protect your skull in an accident. There is no other protection afforded by a bike. None. As a cyclist, you are the loser in any accident. I can think of not a single good reason not to wear a helmet. Certainly one can chose to not wear a helmet. That is your right and privilege. However, it is also my privilege to not stop to help you if you are injured in the road as well as it is my right to not give a damn if you get killed. If one can't be bothered to use the thing between one's ears, one certainly can't be bothered to protect and cherish it. Heads up! Helmets on! (rant over) Taken by CoryQ.
week 1 groceries home in the xtracycle
week 1 groceries home in the xtracycle
So we ride everywhere right now, except for once a week, we drive to the whole foods and stock up. So here's the first trip to wf in Madison, which is prolly about 6 miles from our apartment, so 12 round trip. Dave carried some beer in his bag, but still we usually get more than this, but I was a little bit worried about going uphill on the way home. It wasn't bad at all, and the only time I got off to push was because the leaves on the bike path were really slippy. Next time, I'll fill it up! plus I think I knew we were taking a pic later, so there is not as much junk food as normal. well, and as much food as normal. p.s. this pic looks sadly short on fresh veggies, I swear we get some, but on the day that they are fresh? That's my story and I'm sticking with it.

cheap biking shorts
cheap biking shorts
SRAM X.7 9-Speed Rear Derailleur Short Cage '11 (Grey)
The X.7 Rear Derailleur offers performance and durability with the distinctive SRAM shifting process. The X.7 is a great value without compromise.
1:1 shifter-to-derailleur actuation ratio for precise light-action indexing
Must be used with ESP shifters
Aluminum upper knuckle
Replaceable 11-tooth pulleys with bushings
Exact Actuation shifting
Serviceable sealed pulleys
10 speed models have carbon fiber outer pulley cage
Compatible with 7-, 8-, and 9-speed systems
Item Specifications
Intended UseMountain
Cassette SpacingShimano/SRAM 9
Shifter/Derailleur CompatibilitySRAM 1:1
Largest Cog36teeth
Chain Wrap Capacity30teeth
Derailleur ActionTop-Normal (Traditional)
Cage LengthShort