Challenge bicycle tires - Bike with disc brake - 16 bicycle tire

Challenge Bicycle Tires

challenge bicycle tires
    bicycle tires
  • (Bicycle tire) A bicycle tire is a tire that fits on the wheel of a bicycle, unicycle, tricycle, quadracycle, bicycle trailer, or trailer bike. They may also be used on wheelchairs and handcycles, especially for racing.
  • a demanding or stimulating situation; "they reacted irrationally to the challenge of Russian power"
  • issue a challenge to; "Fischer challenged Spassky to a match"
  • take exception to; "She challenged his claims"
  • Invite (someone) to engage in a contest
  • Enter into competition with or opposition against
  • Make a rival claim to or threaten someone's hold on (a position)

It Goes Like This...
It Goes Like This...
I'm not going to explain all of this but everything has to work together chains, gears, sprockets, pedals, tires, tire pressure. I know my chain is in need of replacing. Yours would too if you had a couple thousand miles on it. For this week's MacroMonday challenge: "How Does It Work?" where each week, we post up to five images showing our take on the theme.
Bicycle Fork
Bicycle Fork
2009 Photo Challenge, Day 146. Theme: Fork. I decided to use a bicycle fork for my shot for today. This is my son's bike.

challenge bicycle tires