Bones 3 Bike Rack

bones 3 bike rack
    bike rack
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bones 3 bike rack - Saris Bones
Saris Bones RS 3-Bike Trunk Mount Rack
Saris Bones RS 3-Bike Trunk Mount Rack
The Bones RS features steel bands replacing nylon straps for a more secure fit that does not need adjustment.
Replaces straps with a pair of steel-belted bands and two tightening ratchets
Provides a stable and secure fit
The first "set it and forget it" rear rack
Adjusts to fit most vehicles
Item Specifications
Unit of SaleEach
Number of Bikes3

The Bones RS Trunk Mount was created by Saris to meet the needs of busy biking families. The rack carries up three bikes of any size--easily accessible on the trunk of your car and replaces annoying strap-based mounting systems with a secure ratcheting system. The Bones RS ratcheting mount eliminates straps and replaces them with rubber--coated clips and steel--belted bands that offer a quick, secure fit on a wide variety of vehicles from sedans to minivans. The Bones RS also features pivoting, anti--sway frame grips that can be tilted for greater bike stability on the rack. Meanwhile, the bike support arms can be moved closer together or farther apart to fit just about any bike style--from road-to-mountain and adult-to-child. For additional security, the Bones RS also includes an integrated locking system to prevent theft. The Bones RS Trunk Rack is built in Madison, Wisconsin and carries a limited lifetime warranty.

The Bones RS mounts securely on a wide range of vehicles, from sedans to minivans--all without straps.

One of the annoyances with trunk-mounted racks has always been the straps. With the Saris Bones RS 3-Bike Trunk Mount Rack, the straps have been eliminated. In their place is a ratcheting system with rubber-coated clips and steel-belted bands for a quick, secure fit on a wide variety of vehicles, including sedans and minivans.
In addition to eliminating clumsy, unreliable straps, this rack also eliminates the hassle of wrestling bikes onto a roof rack. The Bones RS is at the most convenient place possible--right in front of you, on the rear of your vehicle. The pivoting, anti-sway frame grips can be tilted for greater bike stability and the support arms can be moved closer together or further apart to fit just about any bike from road to mountain, adult to child.

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Restorer of Life -Ruth 4:15
Restorer of Life -Ruth 4:15
Personal dream from the Lord given to me:09/07/2011 Definition of the Name ----->Lor?rie which is my name n.1.A small cart or wagon moving on rails, as those used on the tramways in mines to carry coal or rubbish; also, a barrow or truck for shifting baggage, as at railway stations. 2.A motorized wheeled land vehicle, esp. a large one, with a cab for the driver and a separate rear compartment for transporting freight; called truck in the U. S. 3.a large low horse-drawn wagon without sides. I am sharing this because it is a wonderful and heartfelt (dream) that I have been seeking the Lord about for the past several years. It is answered prayer and one that will come to pass in Gods perfect Timing. I must wait , wait for it , wait for the Lord Jesus concerning such. You may find yourself even as depicted in this dream. I pray the Lord touch you through and through and minister even unto you as He has to me. I share this because it brings truth of what the Lord is going to do in these last days not just with me but to all those who are of His TRUE BODY. Im going to share things of myself that I dont often speak of but pray about privately. Of late my body has been racked with pains coming from different places, mostly the left side of my body. I've had two surgeries on my neck. going through the front of my neck moving my voice box to one side and my vocal cords to the other to fix discs that have bulged through. After the two neck surgeries my neck was much better. I lost NO movement as the doctor had said I would. None did I lose. However my back worsened with pain and discs degenerating here and there up and down my back. To look at me one would never think I was in any pain. I still work and do many things one would not probably do with a back in this condition. Im not overweight and try to walk our road as much as I can or ride bikes. I get steroid shots every 3 to 4 months. Several months ago I tore my shoulder and it hurts me daily worse them even my back. My back has actually been feeling quite good of late. then a knot under my eye on the bottom lid inside has come up. Hardly visible to see but can be felt. I than broke my toes a month ago which still hurt even as I type forth. I type with tears, tears of joy, tears of being thankful, tears of so many emotions I cant even name them all. I walk and for the past few days my left bone on the side of my foot has been in much pain. Ive asked and talked and prayed with all my heart, soul and mind why Lord , where is the healings of thy people? when Lord? Will this always be so Lord? We are frail, yes but in Christ I CAN and WILL do ALL things in and of Him and NOT without HIM< without Him we can never go forth and do what is He is going to call us to do in these last days. I am broken. Are you and have you been broken? We must be broken for the Lord to use and to have His way within our being. This dream shows and reveal such. Yesterday I lay down and drifted off to sleep. Right before awaking I was given a dream from the Lord. He brought me Hope and encouragement, tears of thankfulness for what He will and is going to do. The dream:09/07/2011 I saw a broken little cart type wagon. Not a big one. It was broken down completely. I saw the little wheel off of it. Boards off of it. Completely broken down. To many the cart would have been passed off as un-repairable, trashed, to be thrown away. In one instant the little cart/wagon was restored/fixed and fully repaired. All that had been broken was restored. I than saw as a Shepherd sitting up on another wagon type thing to pull this little cart. I was sitting next to the Shepherd (Jesus) as he held the REIGNS to the horses. As I saw again this little cart wagon fixed, it now held in it and was carrying a pile of stubble. In the dream me and the Lord Jesus were now going down the road to burn what was left in this little cart. end of dream. the cart is my body- broken , for we all must be broken before the Lord. The stubble is things left that must be burned up- my flesh. In the Spirit Im sitting next to Jesus. Body, flesh and Spirit. Hes coming to restore my brokenness and to burn up what He cannot use that is needless in and of my flesh. His people will be walking in the Spirit and being used of the Lord for His good purposes. He will use that body/cart for His good purposes to carry out His will in this earth. Reminded of the story of Lazarus and pondering on what the woman said. I see why Jesus groaned within himself as she spoke about Lazarus being brought back to life at the resurrection. Not so, Jesus restored and brought back to life what ONLY He , Himself can do, Praise the Lord MOST HIGH! You see when I awoke from the dream I knew it was I who was that broken cart. Without the Power of our Lord Jesus we can do Nothing in and of our own. He is the RESTORER! We will go together to burn up what is not needed, the stubble. He shall be to you a restorer of life and a nourisher of your old age; R
16 Things About Elise....
16 Things About Elise....
I have been Tagged by my Flickr Friend "Trish" Here are 16 facts that you may or may not want to learn about me.... 1- My middle name is Charlotte...I would actually quite like it, if it wasn't for the fact that ALL the females in my family have Charlotte as a middle not very original :-( 2- I'm a divorced, single mum with a wonderful 10 yr old. 3- I'm still friends with my x-husband( yes shock, horror, gasp;-p) and as long as we avoid certain "topics", then we get on great. We can sit down and have a meal together or go for a bike ride. He actually even assisted me with my new car purchase (plus he wanted to have a drive;-p) We just worked out that we can't live under the same 4- I love dancing and did Ballet for 10yrs but stopped when I was 14 because I didn't have the right body shape ie: I'm not a stick!! 5- I have a very analytical job (IT Specialist) but I've actually been accessed as a "creative" person....that probably answers why I sometimes find my job a challenge;-) 6- I have a birthmark on my right thigh which I used to hate as a teenager and wanted it removed, but now I actually like it ...sorry no photo people;-) 7- I have had my navel (belly button) pierced 3 times...YES 3 TIMES!! It kept growing out which obviously meant my body didn't want it;-) I've finally given up;-) 8- When I was 18, I got a "spiral perm"...please refer to my above naturally curly hair and then imagine a spiral perm on top of that!!! I looked like Michael Jackson when he was still in Jackson 5;-) 9- I love animals...I will pat any animal on the street, call it over or talk to it. When I was a child I would always rescue injured animals and bring any strays home that I found. My mum would always say "one day you're going to loose a finger or hand" because I was never scared of any animal. I still do the same today!! 10- I love films and books that make me laugh. I think we need more laughter in the world and in our lives.I hate horror films and figure there is enough madness out there in the world that I don't need to voluntarily watch it. 11- I have never broken any bones or had stitches and the only time I've been in hospital was when my son was born. 12- I have a fetish for expensive shoes/stilettos and handbags .... I don't have many (approx 10-15 all together) but then the ones I have, could add up to a small deposit on an apartment;-) 13- I love little P&S goes with me everywhere;-) 14- I have never smoked or will smoke, as my dad was a pack-a-day smoker and it killed him. 15- I feel lost if I don't exercise. 16- I'm not a very neat person...I like things to be clean but I tend to have a lot of stuff standing around that should be packed away...example: my clean laundry, fresh off the line, that SHOULD go into the cupboard sits on top of my ironing board (ready for the day when I will iron it!!!) I always wash my dishes (can't stand them dirty in the sink) but will build Mount Everest in the dish rack, rather than pack the dry ones away!!!

bones 3 bike rack
bones 3 bike rack
Saris Sentinel 3-Bike Trunk Mount Rack
The Saris Sentinel Rear Racks take all the things you love about roof mounted systems and put them where you can actually get at them. Like convenience. Simplicity. Peach of mind. Whether you need temporary bike transport that gets you through a weeked,

Got a more family oriented mode of transportation? Then the Sentinel three-bike trunk rack from Saris is for you. Designed to carry bicycles on vehicles with atypical body styles such as hatchbacks, sedans and passenger vans. It can be mounted over most spoilers or lighting arrays, and carries up to three bikes. Made with adjustable arms that can be mounted securely in multiple positions, and they can also fold flat for storage. The hold-downs secure each bike independently and keep them crashing into one another or wobbling while in transit. The hooks that secure the rack to the trunk seam are neoprene coated so they won't scratch your car's finish, and the bottom bar brace has a vinyl covered foam pad to separate the rack from your trunk lid. No assembly is required.