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Cooper Tires Europe

cooper tires europe
    cooper tires
  • Cooper Tire & Rubber Company is a United States based company that specializes in the design, manufacture, marketing and sales of replacementautomobiles and truck tires, and subsidiaries that specialize in medium truck, motorcycle and racing tires.
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MMMC - Spling Run 1
MMMC - Spling Run 1
OK I know these shots are not my best work, but I’m posting them just for fun since a lot of people wonder what the heck my fiancee and I do in our spare time. Since the February delivery of my Mini Cooper S, we’ve joined the Michigan Mini Motoring Club. I thought it was just another online forum but it’s a community just like Exposure Detroit with a very diverse group of members. This trip was the most fun I’ve had since Amsterdam and Belgium. Yes, it is called the “Spling Run”. It’s a slang way of saying “Spring”. We joined about five other members in Royal Oak and then ventured to I-96. As we traveled west to Ionia, other Minis were waiting on entrance ramps and when they saw our posse they joined us. Our final rally point was Brighton and by that time we had a pack of 25 Minis in formation on I-96. This is something you just don’t see everyday! We met the whole group at a Pilot station in Ionia and by that time we had 50 Minis in the group. Next, stop was the Grattan Raceway where we got to give the track a try for about six laps. I drove on the straight-aways very casually, but when the curves came I pushed my Mini to the absolute limit complete with squealing tires, rapid downshifting, and double clutching. Sara and I could not stop laughing since it was such a rush O After a great time at the track we headed back to downtown Lowell via the loopy and hilly country roads. It was so funny seeing little kids and farmers give a pack of 50 Minis the strangest looks. I was part of the “fast” part of the group that decided to take a chance with local law enforcement. With my Valentine V1 radar/laser detector I’m always willing to take the chance. I spotted two smokey’s before they could even see me. LOL! You only live once and gotta have fun! Cops in Michigan can’t afford laser anyways :-P We finally wound down at the Flat River Grill in Lowell for a tasty brew and burger. I’m sure we’ll be getting more involved in this fantastic group as the Spring comes into full swing. The Mini is an addiction! You will never understand until you drive in one with a wild dude like me LOL!
Buffalo meets Europe
Buffalo meets Europe
We watched about fifteen buffalo cross a river, come up the other side, and walk down the road right in front of us. This mini cooper decided they were tired of watching and pulled around the leader. It didn't even phase the buffalo, probably since the buffalo isn't much smaller than the mini!

cooper tires europe
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