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Cheap Tires Ontario

cheap tires ontario
  • a prosperous and industrialized province in central Canada
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  • Lake Ontario: the smallest of the Great Lakes
  • Ontario is a Province of Canada located in the east-central part of Canada, Ontario is located in the geographic eastern half of Canada, but it has historically and politically been considered to be part of Central Canada (along with Manitoba).
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The K-Car Sedan
The K-Car Sedan
The K-Car was also known as Reliant. It's strange to see such a cheap car to have the tyres / tires with the white bands. Wasn't that usually reserved for the more American classy cars of the 1980s like the Buicks and Cadillacs? As much as it's hardly a museum-piece, I was glad to see a K-Car again and got some photos of it. Someone's gotta keep a record of the unloved!
Mandir 2102
Mandir  2102
this was taken on photo day out with John Ryan (Insight Imaging). you should soon wee some similiar images from his point of view very soon. one of my best days yet. started at 2pm and ended at 1 in the morning. we called it when i was too tired to go on. *This image was actually shot upside down thanks to my cheap VELBON SHERPA 200R TRIPOD.

cheap tires ontario
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