Women road bicycles : Bicycle stems.

Women Road Bicycles

women road bicycles
    road bicycles
  • (Road bicycle) A road bicycle is similar to a racing bicycle. However, road bikes are built more for endurance and less for fast bursts of speed, which is desired in a racing bicycle. They usually have more gear combinations and fewer hi-tech racing features.
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ode to my bicycle #3
ode to my bicycle #3
Got my bicycle tuned up this past weekend, and now it rides like a highly-strung, taut, bundle of springs...it feels almost predatory when I'm just cruising along. I saved up my pennies just after high school, with a light, strong, perfectly-fitting frame in mind, and finally settled on a steel-alloy Lemond "Buenos Aires" frame. Bright yellow, with light Rolf wheels and a decent gearset, my bike has always looked more race-ready than I. But the fit is magnificent. Everytime I get back in the saddle, despite my creaky joints and the uncomfortable seat, I fall in love with the ride all over again. I can shift with a flick of my fingertips, and turn just by looking where I want to go. The extra money for a lighter bike proved a worthy investment the time that I was riding a little too fast down a residential road, and in the wide, shallow gutter ahead I saw a slick patch of standing water and slime - my brain thought I should slow down a bit, but my response to tap the brakes came a little too late, and I made the big mistake of slowing my wheels as I hit the slippery patch of pavement. My bike felt like it went on without me, my body hung in midair, and I was propelled forward head-first. My helmet saved my face, with the hard plastic visor taking most of the impact, and my nose taking what could have been a much worse hit. I was bleeding. My bike looked mangled up against the curb. The front wheel was jammed at an awkward angle, and the bike refused to roll. A few cars drove past, and one woman stopped to see if I was ok, to offer me the use of her cell phone. I called home. No answer. I called work, where I had just left from, but everyone was on their lunch-break too. So, about half a mile from home, I shouldered my injured steed and walked. My broken nose didn't cause me quite the worry that my broken bike did, and I said several prayers to the God of Wheels while simultaneously thanking profusely all powers that be that my bike was light enough to carry despite my distress. My nose healed without a trip to the doctor. My local bike guru got me rolling again. And I've left the chips in the paint as proud marks of being able to ride fast enough to briefly attain soaring flight. : p And still, after every tune-up my bike seems to spring back to life, taking me with it...
Elite Women Road Race - At the Finish Line
Elite Women Road Race - At the Finish Line
Varese - Italy Campionati Mondiali di ciclismo su strada Varese 2008 - Prova in linea Elite Donne Nicole Cooke (Gbr) bissa il successo delle Olimpiadi di Pechino battendo allo sprint la campionessa del 2006 e argento nel 2007 Marianne Vos (Ned). UCI Road World Championships Varese 2008 - Elite Women Road Race Nicole Cooke (Gbr) repeats the success of Beijing 2008 Olympic Games beating the 2006 champion and silver medalist in 2007 Marianne Vos (Ned) on the sprint.

women road bicycles