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Kent Girls Bike

kent girls bike
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kent girls bike - Kent Girls
Kent Girls 20in Peppermint Swirl Kids Bike
Kent Girls 20in Peppermint Swirl Kids Bike
Teach her to ride with the cool, stylish Peppermint Swirl Kids Bike. This attractive childrens recreational bike features everything she needs to learn the ropes and look good doing it! The Peppermint Swirl features a sturdy, wishbone style frame, 20 inch wheels and foot activated coaster brake and Front Brake for the ultimate in durability and safety. The padded BMX saddle offers exceptional comfort while the front mounted accessory pack is perfect for the girl on the go. Colorful Mylar streamers offer an added touch of pizzazz to this smart ride.

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35 29-09-2011
35 29-09-2011
Just as you go past Tenterden steam railway station and first come onto the fields, this is the view you are greeted with! Once again, I have used a slight tonal contrast technique to bring out some more colours and detail from this image.
Tour de France 2007 England stage 1 finish (33)
Tour de France 2007 England stage 1 finish (33)
the polka dot jersey girls - the rider was topless behind the stage.

kent girls bike
kent girls bike
Kent WeeRide Balance Bike
The Kent WeeRide Balance Bike looks just like bicycle but without the crank and pedals and is designed to help your child learn the basics of balancing before graduating to pedaling, taking the frustration out of learning to ride a bicycle for both the child and the parent! By using their feet to move the bike forward your child doesn't have to worry about pedaling while at the same time learning to feel the dynamics of balancing. The Kent WeeRide Balance Bike helps your child to concentrate on