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Good Cheap Bicycles

good cheap bicycles
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  • The Bicycles are an indie rock quartet from Toronto, Ontario composed of Matt Beckett, Drew Smith, Dana Snell, and Andrew Scott (formerly of The Meligrove Band).
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Providence Stadium - Bicycle Pump and Horn
Providence Stadium - Bicycle Pump and Horn
We went to see the Windies play Sri Lanka yesterday at the new Providence Stadium in Guyana. I am depressed not just that we lost, but that we didn't seem to fight for the match, or in fact any of the previous Super 8 matches. The team doesn't seem to want it. The fans here certainly did. This was the first sellout crowd of the tournament and Providence Stadium was packed with 12,200 people. This was my first CWC match. I was impressed with the stadium. Great design so you get great views from anywhere in the stands. Even from the Grass Mound where we were (cheapest "seats" US$25). Tonnes of washroom facilities kept very very clean despite the throngs of people. I hope Barbados did just as good a job with Kensington, as I will be there for 3 more Super 8 matches. And on the mound we had someone who attached a bicycle pump to a horn, for nice long sound, with minimum effort :)
Unimpressed Paulie Works Undercover In Order To Discover Native American Bicycle Thief
Unimpressed Paulie Works Undercover In Order To Discover Native American Bicycle Thief
Unimpressed Paulie is unimpressed with Native American who is theft of his bicycle! Works for many days is self-made disguise, with Native American name of 'Unimpressed-With-A-Towel'. After much detective work, finally tracks down both thief and bicycle in back of Sears in much terrible Boston suburb! Native American Bicycle Thief is unimpressed with disguise! Unimpressed Paulie is unimpressed with Native American Bicycle Thief! Both are unimpressed with cheap and redundant bicycle! End up much good friends! Take to shopping and make fondue!

good cheap bicycles