How To Convert A Bike To Single Speed

how to convert a bike to single speed
    single speed
  • A single-speed bicycle is a type of bicycle with a single gear ratio. These bicycles are without derailleur gears, hub gearing or other methods for varying the gear ratio of the bicycle.
  • not to be confused with fixed gear, is form of XC mountain biking that is done using a single-speed bicycle that has only one gear (approx. 2:1 ratio) and generally fewer components. The idea is simplicity. The straight chain line provides efficient pedaling.
  • While any bike that doesn't have multiple gears or speeds is technically called a "single-speed" bicycle, this term generally refers to a bike with a one-speed freewheel and coaster brakes.
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  • (How To’s) Multi-Speed Animations
  • A bicycle or motorcycle
  • bicycle: a wheeled vehicle that has two wheels and is moved by foot pedals
  • bicycle: ride a bicycle
  • motorcycle: a motor vehicle with two wheels and a strong frame

DSC 3502 110214 D70raw dcrawH0q3o1wWT
DSC 3502 110214 D70raw dcrawH0q3o1wWT
[Nikon D70 Tamron 28-300VC > dcraw > Gimp] ...I popped this off handheld after trying to get it on a min-tripod in a gale-force wind blowing upriver...wasn't sure I'd posted it before now, thought I might have lost it, I've been thinking of this one for a while. It's not a bad scene thought there are major photographic issues with this shot, the lens is wide-open and not flat-sharp, the clouds are moving with the wind so the shutter-speed is too low...all and all the shot is clean and well-exposed (unnecessarily high exposed) but it simply needs to be shot at a higher ISO and a faster shutter-speed and a higher F#...or with a much faster and flatter lens, maybe a F4 or even F2.8 zoom. Or just a less-windy day off a tripod. But the timing is nice. I just don't see carrying that lens or a big DSLR for a shot like's an interesing shot but shots like these only appear in the twilight hours. Anyway I won't be taking more shots with that lens because it's gone...I doubt that I could get a good film shot in this light because it would be 0eV and this is at least -1/2eV maybe -1eV...this exposure pretty-much has to be digital & to shoot this well (faster and more stopped-down but just as clean) requires a hardware investment that I'm not willing to make. Much less carry around all day. So I was very happy to not lose this raw shot even if it only looks good in small format. So I think that I'm pretty-much done with the hardware phase of all this. The BB9550, 500si and Tamron 19-35 are too good to ignore & I have a Tamron 28-300 in alpha. I rarely if ever use a flash or shoot movies. And I'm not ready to spend a ton of money on an A850 (though at least I've seen that it is smaller than the D70), nor am I all that eager to try a Sony "backlit-CMOS superzoom point & shoot" to replace the S9100. But I think that a p&s like that, that shot raw, would be an ideal compromise for most of the shooting that I like to do. It wouldn't stand up to a scene like this, though, and it would always require some fudging to get the color right. Just remember it's one thing to not have great fine detail and another to not have great color and a third to not have high DR, but if you tie those together with no raw you'll quickly run into a situation where you *could* get the shot you want with it but won't be worth the time or effort to *take* the shot with it, and by extension to carry the camera especially if all it's really good for is taking shots "in desperation". Much less to spend the money for it. The S9100 is the first rawless p&s that I've shot in a long time that made me feel good about the shots and the pricetag. I just know that I can get one for much less than $300...when and/or if I ever really need one. Which, right now, I simply do not, and I want to spend the money in other ways. Right now I'm trying to figure out how to get to Ontario to do a Suzuki demo, and then there's Beaverun and Summit Point in the next month as well...and that's not even considering something else that I had planned to do this summer. Not to mention the crap that I need to do for work. I've got plenty of things to do other than buy & test camera-gear, and no real need to buy & test camera-gear anyway. All that and I have learned that within limits, a good wide-angle is more useful than a good zoom, and IS will only get you so far and even then only so often. And that's about 95% of what I need to know, hardware-wise, and indeed "buying & testing" is getting in the way of other things that I want to do. ...and still, I need to edit a *lot* of pictures. I haven't done any real editing for the past 3 months. Let's see how much of a difference it makes, if I drop them in to my stream at random...see the problem is that regardless of whather you shoot raw or jpeg, you *still* need to edit the photos manually to get the best result (especially for those of you who are fond of saying "it's best to"). Even after all these years of development of PS, LR, DxO, Bibbe, etc. Software cannot optimally automate post-processing for the best result. You either throw away the shots that do require significant PP, or spend 5x as much time in PP as you spent traveling and taking the shots. That is one good thing about camera jpegs, you're not like to spend time running USM masks on them. Of course that's just one correction out of many. Suddenly those cellphone shots don't look so bad, do they? I'm telling ya, if I could adjust the exposure on this BB9550 and it had a wider effective lens, I would probably leave all my other stuff behind. There is of course the trick of pointing the camera up to increase the overall exposure and letting it AE, then dropping it back down, reframing, and taking the shot before it corrects. It's still only about 30-35mm effective. There's just no way that it can effectively substitute for a good zoom lens on a tele shot. But at lea
New Model Turbo Carrera 9+11 Bicycle ???
New Model  Turbo Carrera 9+11  Bicycle ???
Test Drive One NOW !!! Raleigh 9+11 I DID !! Just Look at what it comes with as STANDARD EQUIPMENT: Light Alloy spoked wheels sun roof [not visible on photo ] LED headlights [barely visible on photo] Fine leather seating Keyless entry Caliper brakes Alloy pedals Racing Tyres Rear wheel drive ..was wishing for All-Wheel-Drive OPTIONAL EQUIPMENT mudflaps [don't want to spoil the sporty look] Vanity mirror [almost no one uses that] Anti-Theft System 24" Wheel/tyres 0-60 kph/mph ??? depends on how hard the driver pushes the Pedals Its such a shame to see a fine example of a well made machinery at a standstill It looks fast just sitting there....I know many will probably agree and yes one last Standard feature built into the machine that i almost forgot to mention ... it folds that bike ! pardon me but i wasn't talking about that ugly car on the background The Bike is made by Raleigh called the TWENTY = 20 inch tyres do the math 9 + 11 = TWENTY I would personally call it the RALEIGH Turbo Carerra 9+11 but most People call by its common name Raleigh Twenty The Machine is an early 70s model converted from 3speed to a Single Speed and yes it Folds. 0-to-60 really depends on how hard the driver pushes the PEDALS ! [crank] Optional 24" tyres would be really nice. the best feature i like is the Perpetual Sun-Roof [not visible], Keyless Entry and Fine leather seating [Saddle] Optional anti-theft is almost mandatory for such a fine example Although optional.... no Mudflaps nor Vanity Mirror ever Please. so Test Drive One today if you find one the 9+11 Bike I'm talking about ....and quit glancing at that red car on the background everyone will agree the bike has keyless entry, spoked wheels, leather seating[saddle]. adjustable steering column [handlebars] led lights and Perpetual Sun Roof [not shown on photo], and rear wheel drive LOL !

how to convert a bike to single speed