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KD Tools 2957 Beam Torque Wrench (0-150 Feet/Pounds 1/2-Inch drive)
KD Tools 2957 Beam Torque Wrench (0-150 Feet/Pounds 1/2-Inch drive)
Wrenches directly measure a variety of torque values when tightening fasteners
Pointer moves clockwise or counterclockwise to measure torque in English and metric
Satin finish scale reduces glare
Inch - pound models feature ball - type handles that localize force, ensuring accuracy
Foot - pound version has a comfortable, palm - fit handle to provide a natural grip for a smooth, accurate pull
Range: 0-150 ft./lbs. 20" overall length. Palm - fit handle pivots on beam to maintain constant distance from drive point to load point for precise measurement. Wrenches can be easily calibrated by bending pointer to zero before use. Serviceable product.

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new bike made from old bikes
new bike made from old bikes
Todd is still working on this bike, but we took it out to dinner last night. He's going to build a nice box for the front, but he put a board on for the trip downtown. It rides very smooth and all the wobbliness is gone. edit.........two years later= since we first made this bike, Todd has made 6 more. each one is different and has served a different end goal. All have been strong and had a large load capacity without any stress to the welds.
what's in my bike bag
what's in my bike bag
First time in a long time I've properly packed for a bike ride. I just have really great luck with not having mechanical issues. This stuff all fits in that little messenger bag, although just barely.

bike sale online