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Pink Street Bike Helmet

pink street bike helmet
    street bike
  • A motorcycle which is permitted to be ridden on public roads and must be licensed. In contrast with an off-road bike.
  • The arched upper part (galea) of the corolla in some flowers, esp. those of the mint and orchid families
  • A predatory mollusk with a squat heavy shell, living in tropical and temperate seas and preying chiefly on sea urchins
  • (helmeted) equipped with or wearing a helmet
  • A hard or padded protective hat, various types of which are worn by soldiers, police officers, firefighters, motorcyclists, athletes, and others
  • armor plate that protects the head
  • a protective headgear made of hard material to resist blows
  • of a light shade of red
  • any of various flowers of plants of the genus Dianthus cultivated for their fragrant flowers
  • (of wine) Rose
  • tap: make light, repeated taps on a surface; "he was tapping his fingers on the table impatiently"
  • Of a color intermediate between red and white, as of coral or salmon
  • Having or showing left-wing tendencies

High Heeled Boots, Pink Helmet, Scooter, and Italian Lady -- What a Combo!
High Heeled Boots, Pink Helmet, Scooter, and Italian Lady -- What a Combo!
This was a common sight to see when walking the crowded streets of Rome, Italy in the mornings. The women adorned their scooters and motor bikes and off they went to work! And, it didn't matter if it was raining, either! These women are definitely able to navigate in this ole world! They are fearless!!! And, I might add that they are a little crazy when it comes to driving! Visiting Rome was wonderful for a number of different reasons, and just being among the people was the number one reason. Beautiful Italy, beautiful people! I shall return! Thanks to all who visit my photostream, leave comments and faves, and most of all thanks for your friendship! Have a wonderful day!
(077/365) February 13, 2011: My Valentine rides her scooter
(077/365) February 13, 2011: My Valentine rides her scooter
Before I left for my conference in DC, Annabeth wanted to show off her scooter riding skills. I don't know why, but I'm really struck by how big she looks in this picture. She's looking more and more like a kid and less like the small child I remember. She's just so capable of doing stuff. Before showing me her scooter, she rode her bike on the street from her house to the bike path while I lagged way behind because I was walking. She rode for awhile before we had a catch. I love having a catch with her and she continues to get better at throwing and catching. My little lefty!

pink street bike helmet
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