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Bob IBEX Trailer Missoula, Mt


.....Rick C Kern

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The BOB Trailers pull really easily. If you are heavily loaded you will feel them as you head up a hill and when you are starting out.  Once you are moving you almost forget it is back there. It is designed to follow right in the track of your bicycle. Riding single track is a real joy with the Bob following.  You don't stick out in traffic either.  I believe they are the perfect addition to any bicycle stable.  Road Touring, Mountain bike camping, hauling groceries, hauling laundry, the list is endless what you can use one for.  More Joy from your bicycle.

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The BOB IBEX is the suspended brother to the Bob YAK. It is about $100 more than the Yak but if you are doing a lot of off road use the suspension is well worth the difference. If you are mainly going to use it for commuting with freight the suspension probably doesn't matter that much.

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If you look at the bottom of the shock you can see you can easily and quickly change the leverage on the shock for different weight loads. You can also adjust the preload on the spring.

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