Cycling, Caching, and Benchmarking the Beautiful

Greenbrier River Trail

The Greenbrier River Trail runs from Cass to Caldwell, West Virginia 

My brother and I bicycled the Greenbrier River Trail State Park, a 75 mile rail-to-trail in West Virginia, last summer. The GRT starts near Cass and the Cass Scenic Railroad State Park and ends near Lewisburg, West Virginia. While biking that trip we picked up a cache and several benchmarks. Several of these marks had never been logged in the benchmark pages. My brother was new to both benchmarking and caching at the beginning but by the end of the 2-day trip he had caught on to one of the good points of both caches and benchmarks. He was asking where the next benchmark was so we'd have an excuse to stop and rest a bit. Sounds like a good excuse to me.

Above, is the old train station in Marlinton. There are some other interesting things to see in Marlinton and places to eat. At right, we saw a four wagon "wagon train" on the GRT. The wagon train was on the trail for 8 days. The path seen in the bottom left of the photo above leads to an area on top of Sharp's Tunnel ,mile 67.4, where there is the cache "See the Cache at the End of the Tunnel "(GC13FYN).Years ago, my late father-in-law had great luck fishing near the bridge on the other end of this tunnel.

As time permits, I'm going to add the rest of the marks and caches along the GRT. HX0548 is just one of the marks to be found on the GRT. It's on the Greenbrier River Trail near Marlinton, WV, in Pocahontas County.

Here are some of the caches and benchmarks    within easy biking distance of the GRT.


I have some comments on some of the facilities on the trail on THIS page. 


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