Geocaching and Benchmark Hunting from your Bicycle

These pages are all about using your bicycle for benchmarking and geocaching as well as  other related fun activities,

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This site is a new and a work in progress. It will eventually include a great deal more on places to ride and cache and benchmark hunt as well as information on software and hardware to help you along.

I will be constantly adding information in here on products, ideas, and ways to geocache and benchmark hunt, and, possibly just ride your bike, from your bicycle.

In addition to the information I'll be putting in here, I'm inviting you to send me any ideas and suggestions. I particularly want to know if you've bicycled a trail that has at least several caches and/or benchmarks along it.

I want to hear from people who are doing at least some caching/benchmarking using their bicycles. I a blog, listed below, and want to know about devices and products you use while hunting for caches and benchmarks from your bicycle whether homemade or off the shelf products.

I'm mostly interested in road bicycling but am certainly open to learning about mountain biking and its applications to caching and benchmarking. I have a couple of caches in Arizona that I believe some people have gone to by mountain bike. One of them is GCTMYR. The mountain bike is definitely the only kind of bike that would get there.

Tell me about good places you have searched for caches and benchmarks from a bicycle.

I'd like to hear about places that are nice bike rides and have a selection of caches or benchmarks easily accessible by bike or by a short hike from your bike. Places such as the Greenbrier River Trail, in West Virginia, which have little or no automobile traffic would be ideal. Web links to any maps and information on these trails will be greatly appreciated. I want to thank Muther of Mutherundson for telling me about one in Illinois which I'll add soon.

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