Schwinn 16 Boys Bike : 2010 Hybrid Bike.

Schwinn 16 Boys Bike

schwinn 16 boys bike
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schwinn 16 boys bike - Schwinn Girl's
Schwinn Girl's Jasmine Bicycle (Pink)
Schwinn Girl's Jasmine Bicycle (Pink)
Whoever said youth is wasted on the young never got to ride a Schwinn as a kid. The Schwinn Jasmine 16-inch girls' bike is a perfect example, with a number of high-quality features for the beginning rider. The Jasmine is outfitted with a low stand-over frame with a unicrown fork, double-wide rims for stability, 2.125-inch Super Street white tires, and heavy-duty training wheels. As a result, your daughter can ride with confidence until she's ready to take her next steps with a bigger bike. Plus, the bike is as fashionable as it is functional, with a fun pink color, a matching handlebar bag, and streamers on the end of the grips. Other features include a full top-wrap chain guard that keeps pants and laces free of tangles, a cushioned saddle, a BMX-style handlebar with a two-bolt stem and alloy cap, a one-piece BMX crankset, and both a coaster brake and front and rear caliper brakes.

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My new (old) bike
My new (old) bike
I have acquired this Schwinn Continental to use as a commuting/winter bike. Coincidentally, it has the same kevlar-lined tires Anna and I had in Berlin, so I can ride through undergrad country with impunity (though with the prevalence of aluminum beer containers, glass shards shouldn't be as much of a problem). I just took it for a spin down Arboretum Drive out to the Seminole Highway, and boy does it like to go. It helped that I was able to draft off people on much speedier bikes the entire way; Madison really is a biker's town. Only disappointment: the pedal shafts are threaded with the old US-standard 1/2" threading rather than Japanese-standard 9/16", which means that my clipless pedals won't fit (and no one was making Shimano SPD pedals when Schwinn was still in business). I guess I'll have to save them for my future spiffier road bike, or convince Anna of power transfer benefits of clipless pedals :).
Boy's Day Out
Boy's Day Out
I see this guy's bike parked in front of the acupuncture place on Valencia and 16th street all the time. I have admired his very minimalist child seat and vintage Schwinn many times. It was fun to see him out on it with his son.

schwinn 16 boys bike