Bicycle Cards Black Tiger

That turned the lights away from. The people at Ellusionist have produced in limited quantities the streamlined bicycle black tiger cards, comprised of a completely black deck front and back with small splashes associated with red and white. The bicycle black tiger cards instantly has that robust, bold, magnetic properties which draws you in. 

Many people scream professionalism, it’s hard to halt your eyes from fixating on them because they're insanity pleasant to check out. They are so wonderful infact after showing them to a family member they requested them from me when i did this review. Hows that for charge cards having instant sex appeal. It must have something to do with most people not being accustom to seeing black tiger cards all the time. 

So when they do set eyes on a monochrome deck it melts their own little heart. These cards feel smooth without sticking or clumping while fanning or shuffling. I’d say they are more than fine for anyone looking to use them to be a performance deck. Your audience is sure to be impressed. Two big thumbs for that bicycle black tiger deck.