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buy trek mountain bikes
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  • (Mountain Bike) Bicycles that are made primarily for offroad use and have 24" or 26" wheels and knobby tires.
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buy trek mountain bikes - Titan Womens
Titan Womens Pioneer Mountain Bike
Titan Womens Pioneer Mountain Bike
The latest economy mountain bike by Titan. Enjoy riding in style without braking the bank. The Pioneer will guarantee years of "adventurous" bike riding!

The latest economy mountain bike by Titan, the Titan Pioneer 26-inch men's mountain bike is great for entry level riders or those looking for an all-around bike that won't break the bank. It features a steel frame and rims, 12 speeds with thumb shifting, power front and rear derailleurs, V-style brakes ,comfort tires, and an adjustable seat post.
Type: Mountain Bike
Frame: Full steel frame
Handlebars: Adjustable design
Gearing: 12 speeds and thumb shifting
Derailleur: Power front, Power rear
Seat: Cionlli seat
Brakes: Front and rear V-brakes
Brake levers: Standard hand levers
Wheels: Quality alloy 26" wheels and hubs
Tires: Comfort tires
Rims: Steel
Pedals: Standard pedals
Adjustable seat post
Quill stem headset
Dimensions: 68 by 23 by 40 inches
Assembly required (no tools needed)
Assembly instructions included
Shipping Weight: 41 pounds

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January 5, 2011
January 5, 2011
Dirty sprockets from my old mountain bike, currently hanging on a hook in the garage. I bought the bike, a Trek 830, back in 1991, soon after I graduated from college. For several years it was my only form of transportation, and as such, I loved it. I have fond memories of hauling it up and down the stairs at the YMCA in Kenosha, Wisconsin, where I lived for a summer while interning at the Kenosha Country Historical Society and Museum. I also remember precariously balancing bags of groceries on the handlebars while I rode home from the grocery store. Occasionally the bags would swing a little too vigorously, and bump against the spokes of the front wheel. I'll never forget a newly purchased two liter bottle of grape soda falling through the shredded plastic bag and hitting the street like a sticky purple bomb.
New rides.
New rides.
After ten years with the Schwinn, but also after a five year hiatus, and after just six runs at Mammoth last week, I went and sprung for a new ride. Those six runs were enough to make me remember why barreling down single track was my first real love. In the ten years since I bought my last bike, and my first full suspension bike, mountain bike technology has advanced so much that a ride on this was more dramatic a shift than when I went from a rigid bike to suspension. The new geometry, the new suspension, the new disk brakes. It's really that remarkable. The new price, well, that was remarkable too. Eh. Who needs a retirement when you are having fun.

buy trek mountain bikes
buy trek mountain bikes
Vibram Fivefingers KSO Trek (43 Men's, Brown) - M241
219898BRN__43 Features: Release your feet from the constriction of shoes and stimulate your feet muscles and joints Kangaroo skin uppers hug your soles and deflect trail debris Lightly cleated Vibram 4mm EVA midsole and TC-1 rubber provides phenomenal trail grip and stone-bruising protection without compromising feel Anti-microbial microfiber insert reduces biotic growth and keeps your feet dry When you get these, go easy! You've been wearing shoes for a LONG time and your feet and calves aren't used to working this hard Stick with it, bro! You'll be surprised! Specifications: Weight per pair: 114 oz Upper: kangaroo leather Outsole: Vibram TC-1 performance rubber Outsole: Vibram rubber