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Bike Tire Cost

bike tire cost
    bike tire
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Halfords Mayflower vintage kid's mixte-framed bike
Halfords Mayflower vintage kid's mixte-framed bike
They don't build them like this any more. My own children had new models of this bike which I bought from Halfords. We gave the bikes away when they grew out of them long, long ago. I came across this one on ebay recently and had to have it for old time's sake as I now have a couple of grand-daughters. It was in a bit of a state. But it only cost ?4.99, so nothing lost there. I stripped it down and serviced the headset, bottom bracket and chain and fitted new 16in. Michelin tyres, rim tapes and tubes. I had the wheels trued as they were really badly buckled. The local bracksmith put a wee spot weld on the carrier where a brazing had come loose. Then all that was required as to put it together again and give it a wee polish. Looks pretty good for a 30-odd-year-old bike. The hubs are Sturmey-Archer, the freewheel, headset and bottom bracket are TDC and the brakes are a rod and cable combination. The rims are stainless steel Westwoods. They used really good components at Halfords then. In an age of throw-away kids' bikes this one is a wee gem and it's great to see it get a new lease of life and give more kids some fun.
Mountain bike parts worked...
Mountain bike parts worked...
Intended to be inexpensive for my beach riding every week with Jonathan. The used RB-2 frame came from a nice guy in Utah who had it since 1988 through a friendly eBay transaction. The rest of the parts were things laying around or stripped from my daughter's bike that just sat unused in the garage. Total cost. $280. YES! Alivio derailleurs and Shimano flat bar 4400 series 9 speed shifters worked better than the 105 derailleurs and 4400 front bottom-swings. Shifts are more positive and lighter at the levers. And it now has capacity to use a larger 12-34 cassette I intend to buy. But note the tight fit of the top swing derailers against the rear tire...and RB2 being a horizontal drop-out, I have to deflate the tires to remove the wheel. I can't win, can I? It weighs 26lbs. Gastly by today's standards for semi-road bikes. But it sure rides like an old steelie. Nice and easy. Anyone have a easy solution to a rear bicycle rack for these thin steel tube, road racer frames?

bike tire cost